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Thread: Can Google Docs Handle Novels Now?

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    Can Google Docs Handle Novels Now?

    Ok, so I've always wanted to write on Google Docs because I love writing on my Asus C100 (best machine ever), but I couldn't because it was so painfully slow to write novel-length on there and my brain is not advanced enough to split my story up into multiple files.

    It looks like Google just did a big docs upgrade. There was nothing specific about handling longer docs in the any of the updates I've seen (it was more for collaboration and business uses), but I poked around a bit and it looks like it got better.

    Has it?

    If you write on Google Docs regularly, have you noticed a difference in response time on longer docs?

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    Nah. I don't use it for my writing. I just keep a backup of my files on an SD card or flash drive.

    I sometimes use it for work, but the docs are never that long for me to tell the difference one way or another
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    I use Google Docs, but I've never managed to actually write anything that was longer than ten pages. Even that was a bit annoying to load. I could see it working well enough if you split it up by scene, but...

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    I use Google Docs for pretty much everything, but I split novels into separate documents for each chapter, which works fine for me. But for me at least, huge documents like entire novels are somewhat annoying to load.

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    Sorry, I use Scrivener. Couldn't use anything else, it's so good.

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Can Google Docs Handle Novels Now?   Can Google Docs Handle Novels Now?   Can Google Docs Handle Novels Now?