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Thread: Trying a stab at my own cover

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    It's a beautiful cover. My only critique would be on the woman's right side of her face there's the shining circle thingy. I assume it's hair but it's hard to tell. The "Charybda" title is kinda flat against the colors. Maybe a brighter color or highlight can help it pop.
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    Just a tip for giving to cover even more life than it already had; go into a drawing/photo-editing application of some kind and ad some colourdodge to the hair and eyes. Cheers!

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    Hi everyone, OP here.

    I want to thank everyone for their opinion on the cover. I did make some changes (I made it look more magic-y) and centered the subtitle font because I noticed it was off. Unfortunately, many of these posts did not reach me until today because I didn't receive notifications and I stopped checking the thread after April. I did go with this (modified) cover for my book which will be released in November. Perhaps it won't win any awards, but I hope it won't drive people away at the very least. I got some positive feedback from an actual graphic designer in terms of aesthetics.

    But I want to thank everyone for their opinions! Have a great day!
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    Where can we find your book? Just on here?

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Trying a stab at my own cover   Trying a stab at my own cover   Trying a stab at my own cover