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    Hey guys--bit of a dilemma here. I got pulled into another long case, which is just about to settle. That, primarily, along with an illness in the family, has taken up a lot of my time. I miss the game and would like to keep it going, however I have another court case that I am going to be involved in starting at the end of July. That will likely hamper my posting a bit. I'll have time to log in to the site, but long posts will probably be cut back a bit.

    The dilemma is what to do about it. I don't want to devalue everyone else's time by keeping things going and then having lapses in being able to post. That doesn't seem right. However when I have the time to put into the game I enjoy it.

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    When you're ready to bring it back, you can count me in.

    Sorry to hear there's an illness in the family.
    It's an RPG I run on this site. Anyone interested is welcome to join.

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    I try to check back weekly.
    Most of the time I ninja though. (don't log in unless I see something to post on.)
    But you'll always follow the voices beneath, Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, only to me!
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