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Thread: Greetings from another fellow writer

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    Greetings from another fellow writer

    Hello everyone, I'm Superderek. I came here through some magical portal via Project Wonderful. The best part is it shown up on my own site so I decided to join. I once attempted a weak Google search attempt to find like minded sites but I gave up too quickly I guess.

    I have been writing a story now for quite awhile but things have been kind of slow so I've been looking for ways to push myself so I can be inspired to write more. This looks like a great place to branch off to instead of my usual sites so we'll see.

    A small introduction to my story. Since I was a kid long ago (about 10 or so years ago), I came up with some kind of "role-playing adventure" thing I did with my brother. We had fun adventures and whatnot with my creations. However, about a year or two ago I've decided to start writing this story of mine and decided that I should write the first part of the series as a back story of sorts to get the whole thing started. In the beginning I never thought I'd ever become a writer but here I am now. The name I have decided to call the whole thing is Dimension Project. It involves dimensions, portals, time travel, humanoid experiments, lots of mystery, and many branches that will lead to several short stories and more. It is more or less a trilogy of sorts.
    I have a site at Dimension Project - Main dedicated to my creative works as well as others. It is small there now but it features a custom board made by me. I'm still organizing stuff now since just few days ago was the official release of the forums. Which reminds me to mention that I'm also a programmer in PHP, C++, and a few other languages. PHP is probably my strongest programming language right now. I am making a PHP game at my site too. I also play games like Minecraft, WOW, and many other random ones. I play quite a bit actually. That also brings me to the point that I also aim to be a game developer too. When my story becomes more developed, I plan to make a huge game out of it. With programming and the story, I have a pretty good start as I learn more in programming and the art of writing and doing artwork of it.

    I'm a bit shy, but the past two years or so have slowly changed me but I'm still quite shy IRL. I hope to share my story, Dimension Project with all of you!
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    Hey Derek,

    I'm glad that our Project Wonderful advertisement led you here.

    It looks like you created your own forum software. I imagine that's quite the undertaking. What prompted you to go that route?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Dragon View Post
    It looks like you created your own forum software. I imagine that's quite the undertaking. What prompted you to go that route?
    Long ago back in 2009 when I started writing my story, I originally wanted to create a pretty neat forum that could allow fans to critic and give opinions of my story. And soon after I also wanted to see what other users had to offer with their creations because I enjoy seeing other people's creations. So I at first went with phpbb and made a wiki (which I need to update a bit). I didn't like the phpbb code due to how it looked cluttered in my opinion. I also wanted something easily customizable. So I actually practiced editing/fixing/learning stuff from a forum I actually moderated/was a board programmer for about a year. (It had some problems and had to close sadly.)

    Once I felt I knew enough, I began my work on it around 9/15 of last year. At first it didn't have much except for a user system but as time passed I became more handy with queries and php code. However, soon I noticed how many queries it used in some places so I went and reduced many many queries which was a lot of work and often broke some pages at times but it was well worth it. Now it uses as little as 15 global queries. I plan on working more on my pages that allow users to share their creations and the game I am programming there.

    I'm happy to join a site that is a bit bigger than mine but not as big as my first forum which is VERY huge. That and this place has more users willing to check out my story hopefully. It needs attention. XD
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    Very interesting stuff, Superderek. If I was to mention one thing, it'd be the horrible 90's website design. =] Keep it up!
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    Thanks for the welcoming. I do hope to give a sneak peak at the short story I plan on releasing soon. As for the website, that in of itself is always a work in progress. Of course, if you were to register you could change to different site schemes. I need to have more added though. :< (There's only a couple of things I'd eventually would like to do with the board/site design but I am not as good in that aspect. It is based around a design similar to a forum I go to.)

    As great as I am with PHP (I am no pro but I'd like to think I can do some great stuff.), my tweaking stuff in HTML/CSS needs work. Haha. However, at least I do know enough to make scripts that are helpful and I plan to make some nice tutorial on developing a similar forum or site with PHP. I have lots of plans. I need to stick to the important one first. My story!

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