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Chapters from original books by our members.

  1. Chapter 1: Awakening

    "Where are you taking us anyway?" Nyla asked as she struggled to free the skirt of her dress from the clutches of a bristle bush.

    "It's not far now," Jarius assured her, taking a sip from the battered canteen that hung from his shoulder, "It'll be worth it, I promise."

    "This isn't like those 'dragon eggs' you found that were just a bunch of rocks, is it?" Darian asked, stopping to cut the branches that had snagged his cousin's ...
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  2. Jesse Woodram and the Kobold Menace (Working Title) Part One

    I would like to thank user ATKH for beta-reading my work. He's a gem and a good editor, not afraid to tell me where I'm weak and where I need to improve. Thanks, buddy.

    The train hissed into the station.
    Arcs of galvanic energy cracked and popped across the rails as the train came to a stop. Multicolored light from the noon sun streamed down through the stained glass ceiling of the station, bathing the floor with yellows, reds, blues, and oranges.
    Jesse ...
  3. Prologue - Shirley

    Eternal pessimism is an odd thing. A whole set of people so distrusting of the future, of people, of any thought of hope. America has become such a distraught, torn, tortured place in the past thirty years that very few, even across the world, have been able to break the mold of the American mindset. Scientists have no name for this mindset epidemic but many people have decided that some physical structure in the brain was altered thirty years ago by a traumatic event, eventually leading to a cellular ...
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  4. YA High Fantasy Soul Quest Chapter 1

    Soul Quest
    Chapter I: Kou
    “The chamber’s up there! Alphas assemble at the front with me, Betas line the perimeter!” Hoshimi barks, as we approach the gate.
    At once everyone rallies into formation – the Alphas grouping by her, the rest spreading around them as they advance. It’s like clockwork, but I’m a missing cog. They’re all obedient, efficient, yet as I stumble on the stairway I realise I haven’t been given a station. What now? Do I fight at all? Am I meant to observe and ...
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  5. Chapter 1 - 4k words

    Darius was pinned on his back, as if a beast held down his shoulders and feet, pressing him into the wet soil. But there was nothing over him, only heavy clouds that hammered his face with rain. He tried to sit up but felt as if a giant plate pressed down into his chest. Wait a second. He craned his neck and looked down his torso. A metal plate was on his chest, he was wearing armour. He tried to move his hands but struggled as hard, heavy gauntlets encased them.

    And suddenly it ...
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