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  1. YA High Fantasy Soul Quest Chapter 1

    Soul Quest
    Chapter I: Kou
    “The chamber’s up there! Alphas assemble at the front with me, Betas line the perimeter!” Hoshimi barks, as we approach the gate.
    At once everyone rallies into formation – the Alphas grouping by her, the rest spreading around them as they advance. It’s like clockwork, but I’m a missing cog. They’re all obedient, efficient, yet as I stumble on the stairway I realise I haven’t been given a station. What now? Do I fight at all? Am I meant to observe and ...
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  2. Chapter 1 - 4k words

    Darius was pinned on his back, as if a beast held down his shoulders and feet, pressing him into the wet soil. But there was nothing over him, only heavy clouds that hammered his face with rain. He tried to sit up but felt as if a giant plate pressed down into his chest. Wait a second. He craned his neck and looked down his torso. A metal plate was on his chest, he was wearing armour. He tried to move his hands but struggled as hard, heavy gauntlets encased them.

    And suddenly it ...
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  3. Chapter 1

    The taxi pulled up to a street in Cospublic. The pamphlet said it was a big city but wow it is way bigger than the booklet said. Just looking at it and comparing it to Trapise is like comparing how fast a snail can run and how cast a cheetah can run. I walk around town trying to find a hotel. I see a bunch of restraunts and houses but not any hotels. With no luck I go sit down and pull out my phone.
    “Excuse me but you dropped this.” Someone says.
    “Huh?” I look up. The first ...
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  4. Brief description of my book

    This is a tale of two girls who share one thing in common, the same body. The two girls, Red and Blue are living normal everyday lives (Well as normal as they come.) when Tristan tells Blue everything about Red and what this means. They live in two different worlds, Cospublic and Golden.
    The two girls go through a time that teaches them they have more in common then somebody and some stupid blood line.
    Blue is a very intelligent 16 year old who grew up on the streets without ...

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  5. Aynchant Cronicles. Page 11. Twin Tales.


    On a flat patch of ground, amongst a group of huge boulders, strewn in the high, rolling foothills overlooking the semi-desert plains of the border country, slept two large, well muscled soldiers.

    Robert Warmen slowly stirred. He was better known to his army friends as 'Grizzly or Griz' because of his shaggy black hair and broad-shouldered, no-necked, short-legged build.

    Grizzly saw red. Literally. The sun was shining on his closed eyelids.
    He slowly ...

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