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  1. Choosing today!

    You have a choice everyday, do you choose to be the best version of you, do you choose to become your own person, make your own future with you as the main person in the story or do you choose to repeat patterns from the past, patterns made by someone else.
    What do you choose?
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  2. Day 2 on mythic scribes

    I was finally able to post in the Showcase. I posted a chapter from my novel, "Memoirs of an Egyptian Queen." I was able to get feedback in the chat from Glutton, however no one was kind enough to post on the thread which discouraged me a bit.

    I had 11 responses on a separate thread I started about if historical fantasy was a genre. I got several references to authors which will help me with my format.

    I was able to build part of my novel blueprint and post ...
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  3. Day 1 on mythic scribes

    i am enjoying Mythic Scribes. I have interacted with other writers on forums, by posting and getting advice. I have engaged in conversation on chat, and talked about my story along with other members stories. I am not allowed to post anything on the private pages yet because I have not been promoted. I am not sure how to post images yet but I read that it is a way to get promoted faster as well. I'm here to excel and interact with other writers. I am hoping to find a few people that will help me ...
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  4. 6 Unexpected Things I've Learned From Writing Fantasy

    I'm working on my first fiction novel. I've written nonfiction for years through my blog and also nonfiction books and manuals. Switching into fiction has been fun and a bit of a learning curve. Here are 6 things I've learned on my journey so far:

    1. Writing fantasy is a lovely escape from the real world. I can take normal day stuff that is inspiring and incorporate it into my story. Or I can take normal day stuff about people who drive me crazy and incorporate it into my characters. ...
  5. The Ways of Witchmen

    Preface: I think I will post my worldbuilding notes as portfolios from hereafter, and as what would be a book in a game format as I prefer to worldbuild from an in-world perspective rather than state facts, and this entry will certainly not be safe for work.

    The Ways of Witchmen by Brother Valikhris

    It has been for two millennia that the Mages Guild, our ally, has with integrity provided those possessing the will and/or talent the opportunity to study magic, proper ...
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