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Stories and information related to the Mythic Archipelago.

  1. Continents of Aurah no. 6; North Viola

    North Viola is another land of contrasts. Coniferous forests line its north coast and stretch deep into the continent. High mountains bisect the continent north to south, creating great drainage basins on either side. Along the east coast broadleaf forests predominate, progressing to sub-tropical wetlands in the extreme south. The centre of the continent is dominated by grassy plains and grain fields, giving way to deserts in the south-west. Lake Majestic, in the north-west, acts like an inland ...
  2. Continents of Aurah no. 4; South Viola

    Whoops! Numbered these the wrong way round!

    South Viola is the second smallest of the continents of Aurah, but it is rich in natural wonders. The continent is dominated by the tropical forests of the Sofia Basin, although there are grassy plains, high mountain ranges and deserts along the northern coast.
    To the south is the great, thickly forested island of Oubleria, once a place of exile for prisoners from Gallion, but now a nation in its own right. It is said there is ...
  3. The Continents of Aurah no. 5; Demeta

    Demeta, despite its relatively small size, is a highly diverse continent both in terms of geography and national identities. It is a bowl-shaped continent, curving southwards from Susland in the north-west and Skreeland in the north-east (both relatively cold and densely forested), down to Shintael on the south shore of the Gulf of Vlaksgard. Each branch of this continent changes southward from coniferous forest, to broadleaf forest or plains and mores, then to warm, semi-arid regions in the far ...
  4. The Continents of Aurah no. 2; Inanna

    Inanna is the second-largest continent on Aurah. It straddles the equator and extends an equal distance both north and south of it. The far north-west, the north-east and the far south are warm temperate lands, where grapes, olives, citrus fruits and other crops grow in abundance. Head towards the equator from either direction and you will have to cross miles of inhospitable desert; indeed the Umtangan Desert in the north is Aurah's largest. Around the equator is the largest tropical forest ...
  5. The Maritime Geography of Aurah

    As with Earth, most of the surface of Aurah is covered by sea; roughly 63% of it. The largest of the oceans is the Northern Ocean, stretching across the permanently ice-clad North Pole, past sub-polar islands such as the Nordland archipelago, down to the mainly ice-free boreal coasts of the continents of Demeta and North Viola.
    The next greatest body of water is the Inannan Ocean, occupying the larger part of Aurah's western hemisphere and separating the continent of Inanna from the Violas ...