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Original stories by our members. Longer stories should be posted in segments.

  1. Out of Place

    There was something out of Place and I couldn't put my finger on it. I slowly started to walk into the house, when suddenly someone fell from the ceiling in front of me. "Who and what are you?" I asked frightened but curious. The girl looked at me with this sinister look, her long black hair tipped with crimson almost blood red and her complexion was as pale as a ghost."I'm your worst nightmare," the girl says, " My name is Luna Amarylis and it's time for you to die and ...
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  2. And the Sun Will Come Again

    Before the gods came into the world was Tammana, she who sowed the seeds of
    life and was herself the self-sown seed of life. Her gardens were the whole world and with her a race of seven beautiful girls walked the paths of the world garden, tending, watering, pruning and reaping. Each one was a radiant beauty, the sheen of sweat on their bodies reflecting the sun as they labored. One day, seven stars fell from the sky, and from them came seven strange beings to the outer reaches of the garden.
  3. How the Pot Called the Kettle Black and What Happened in Consequence

    One time there was a very fine house in the country and a very rich gravio called
    Hoght and he lived there with his wife and family and all his household. He was not only very rich, but he was also very proud. So proud indeed was Hoght that when he came to the City, he went around with his nose in the air as if he could scarcely deign to breathe the same air as the people in the street around him.
    This pride of the gravio’s was terribly infectious. Not only was the gravio proud, but
  4. King of Tides

    King of Tides

    Jack Tregary

    When I was a kid, I had this little old storybook that dad brought home from one of his trips. Every time I missed him or couldn’t sleep at night, mum would read it for me. My favourite story, the one my mind always played out for me more vividly than others, was about a Kridian king who went to the shore of a great sea and waited for high tide. And when high tide came, he stood up, spread his big, strong arms and commanded the sea to yield ...

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  5. The Sacrifice

    “Volka warriors are made of hardened stones. When we walk upon the mud caked earth, the very soil shakes to its core. We march for days on end, without complaint and without regrets — for we live for war. We nourish it; cherish it; die for it. Imagine yourself as an arrow readied for the bow. One day you will be a weapon capable of piercing through the enemy,” his father had said, before he had died on the battlefield, as a stray spear pierced through his one remaining right eye and jutted out the ...
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