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  1. The Last Battle/ Prologue

    The Last Battle

    Eld is song and stories. Though by what is going on, it is coming to it's last notes and last pages. Sweeping over the world, past the old rubble of broken towers that once held damsels in distress and the stretches of forests and plains blackened and corrupted. Smoke from pyres as we follow the trails and roads northward. And we meet one of the primary characters of this ill ending tale.

    A large elf woman sitting on a stag upon a bluff, overlooking ...
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  2. Captain Stanwick's Journey

    ~Jason Stanwick~

    Jason Stanwick sat glumly in the bilge water of his ship. Well, boat. Alright, it was a dinghy with a sail on it, but it was his and he was proud of it. Or rather pleased. It was okay.

    Letís be honest, he thought, sucking on the end of his grey beard. It doesnít even float. He looked over the side, a few inches down to where the sand of the beach held his craft in a little cupped cradle. Purple mud crabs picked at the seaweed growing on the hull. ...
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  3. Choosing today!

    You have a choice everyday, do you choose to be the best version of you, do you choose to become your own person, make your own future with you as the main person in the story or do you choose to repeat patterns from the past, patterns made by someone else.
    What do you choose?
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  4. Day 2 on mythic scribes

    I was finally able to post in the Showcase. I posted a chapter from my novel, "Memoirs of an Egyptian Queen." I was able to get feedback in the chat from Glutton, however no one was kind enough to post on the thread which discouraged me a bit.

    I had 11 responses on a separate thread I started about if historical fantasy was a genre. I got several references to authors which will help me with my format.

    I was able to build part of my novel blueprint and post ...
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  5. Out of Place

    There was something out of Place and I couldn't put my finger on it. I slowly started to walk into the house, when suddenly someone fell from the ceiling in front of me. "Who and what are you?" I asked frightened but curious. The girl looked at me with this sinister look, her long black hair tipped with crimson almost blood red and her complexion was as pale as a ghost."I'm your worst nightmare," the girl says, " My name is Luna Amarylis and it's time for you to die and ...
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