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  1. Jesse Woodram and the Kobold Menace (Working Title) Part One

    I would like to thank user ATKH for beta-reading my work. He's a gem and a good editor, not afraid to tell me where I'm weak and where I need to improve. Thanks, buddy.

    The train hissed into the station.
    Arcs of galvanic energy cracked and popped across the rails as the train came to a stop. Multicolored light from the noon sun streamed down through the stained glass ceiling of the station, bathing the floor with yellows, reds, blues, and oranges.
    Jesse ...
  2. Lighter

    A light flickers in the distance
    a tiny warm glow in the darkness of the desert night
    it's a cigarette lighter.

    A face in the darkness puts the flame up to his lips
    and lights his cigar
    smoking in the dark.

    He can see the dry dirt below him as he walks
    feel it crunch under his boots
    it is cold.

    He is on his way to his truck,
    if he can ever find it.

    He thinks the lighter will help him see ...
  3. The Countess Of Shimmering Bay: EXCERPT 3


    When Filip came to, he was being carried out of the woods by Mieshka and Alek. Laura cried alongside him. He tried to speak.

    “No,” she said, and stroked his cheek. “Save your strength.”

    So he did.


    Filip groaned under a layer of furs in his bedchamber. A fire crackled in the hearth. He heard the clinking of dishes across the room and smelled fish stew. His body ached with uncontrollable shivers. He felt awful. ...

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  4. The Countess Of Shimmering Bay: EXCERPT 2


    A pleasant autumn afternoon welcomed Filip when he met Laura on the grounds. The air smelled perfumed like late blooming wildflowers and a cooling breeze rustled the lush leaves of the aspen and birch in the surrounding woods. He crossed the length of the yard as he slipped on a pair of leather gloves.

    Waiting for him at the start of the trail next to the horses was Laura with two of her ladies, coquettishly chatting up Mieshka. Now, he knew his sister ...

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  5. The Countess Of Shimmering Bay: EXCERPT 1

    From Book 1 of the Magi Moons Series:

    1: A Nobleman Cursed

    The hunting fields of Duke Filip Durand were no longer his own and he didn’t know how to reclaim them. The problem began seemingly undetected at first, manifesting as disease affecting small game such as rabbits and grouse, eventually spreading to larger ones such as coyotes and lynx. His servants began finding dead animals on the manor grounds, their fur, meat and eyes yellow from infection. It was of particular ...

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