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Thread: Bee stings all over, what to do?

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    Presuming she doesn't have a bad reaction and the stinger is out, try the Aloe vera plant to cool and sooth swelling. That said, a 5 year old is more susceptible to a bad reaction than an adult. Keep that in mind.

    Too funny, Brian!

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    Actually most anaphylaxis is in adults. While allergies in general might be more common in children, those childhood allergies are often outgrown. And only a minority of people with allergies get anaphylaxis. I am 1 of the majority that don't. I did once have a pretty bad nasal allergy to pollen(bad enough to predispose me to having a summer cold) but that was not anaphylaxis, just severe congestion and pressurized ears that only Benadryl could get rid of and postnasal drip. I had a cough near the end of my several days of allergy. After that the pressurized ears and postnasal drip stopped but I was still badly congested and had a cough and a sore throat because I caught a summer cold at the end of my allergy. That summer cold lasted for about a week and then I felt much better and didn't have a pollen allergy again until a year after that.

    My allergies are intermittent and unpredictable. Not like most people who can predict when their allergies will come. There has always been at least a year between allergic reactions even with frequent exposure to the same allergen. I think this means that my body kills off the hypersensitive(or in other words, allergy inducing) T cells.

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Bee stings all over, what to do?   Bee stings all over, what to do?   Bee stings all over, what to do?