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    New kid at school

    So I have a character who has been homeschooled his whole life and is prone to looking prideful. How likely is it on his first day at a public high school he would get into a fight? Having never really experienced this I am kinda unhelpful to myself lol.
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    Wouldn't it depend a lot on the school and the societal culture?
    In the schools I went to [in "nice" parts of the UK], then chances would be pretty low of getting in to a fight. But if they acted like an ass, then they would probably be laughed at and then isolated. They would NEVER get invited to parties or sleep-overs... A social death worse than any beating!!! [well sort of...]
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    I think, unless it is a rough school, the probability is low. But, if it happened, I would not call in implausible. Maybe the school bully is just having a bad day and the new kid showed up. Still, I think it low, as it takes a while for relationships to form, or not form, so I am thinking it would take a little bit before someone started to dislike him enough to want to cause a fight.

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    It really depends on the high school in question. In the one I went to, quite high. In others, highly unlikely.

    But if it helps your story I would not be incredulous if that happened.
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    Yeah, in my High School it would have been pretty easy actually. I'm was a super goodie goodie jock type (field hockey, swimming, basketball etc) and I almost got beat up by a girl on my first day of grade 11 biology because I spoke to her in a "rude" tone.

    This was how the scenario went (if it helps):

    First, I went to a small town, "inner city" school. High poverty rate. Lots of kids who had been "fending for themselves" and building up tough exteriors for a long time.

    My buddy and I knew the teacher really well because the teacher was the school swim coach and both my friend and I had been swimming on the swim team since grade 8.

    Mr. M asked my friend and I to grab a binder he had left in his car. When we got back this girl in the class I had never met before asked (in insinuating tones... my friends was male)... "Ohhhhhhhh, what were you two doing?"

    I said, nonchalontly "None of your business."

    Then she lost her freaking mind.

    "Who do you think you are talking to me like that...b*tch" etc, etc, etc. I guess she was pretty used to be the boss of stuff. She lunged at me from her desk to smack me (I know right? Crazy. There was also a lot of crystal meth at my school). But *jock*, so I literally did the thing where I held her forehead at arms length and she couldn't get me.

    Ahhhhhhh. That is one of my favourite High School memories.
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