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Thread: Weird Dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by C. A. Stanley View Post
    I had a pretty horrid dream last week, no doubt thanks to my tramadol (I've been having very strange, intense dreams lately)

    I was standing in a huge, empty outdoor swimming pool, with loads of people surrounding me (in the pool and around the edges). I randomly started violently throwing up blood, like, lots of it. Then everyone around me started doing the same. Just a crowd of people violently spewing blood. Pools of it gushing around my feet. Maybe the blood should have filled the pool or something, that would have made some sense... maybe it would have if I hadn't woken up when I did.

    It unsettled me for the whole next day. Does anyone else find that bad dreams haunt you the next day? Mornings are bad enough, gimme a break!

    P.S. I'm jealous, I never get to fly in my dreams
    Ugh, that sounds awful.

    I find that when I'm going through an anxious period, I have bad dreams I can't remember, but that still affect me the whole day.
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    You have a curious name, I find it hard to pronounce but I like it.
    :^) Well thank you, Sheila. It means "Creator of Io" (Io being the name of the world I do my worldbuilding in).

    I also have dreams like that, I mean dreams in which I somehow draw negative attention to myself and then somebody or something is trying to catch me.
    Of my few dreams that I can remember, I think most... if not all of them are about getting away from negative attention, or more broadly - getting away from some threatening thing (usually people who are coming after me, or are trying to capture me). They are all "run away from the bad thing" dreams. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me that I'm a feckless coward, but I refuse to listen if that's the case.

    Do you ever think that the types of dreams that people have are somehow related to the kinds of neuroses that those people have? Specifically, maybe the kinds of dreams we have are related to the things that we are most afraid of. I'm not clinically socially anxious or anything, but I'm closer to being socially anxious than I am to being a huge extrovert. Maybe people who, like me, harbor anxieties related to their interactions with people have dreams where they are trying to run away from the "bad people" who their brain perceives as threatening.

    These days, most of my dreams have been far too twisted and disgusting to even make it into my Dreams Journal. You know, sometimes I am scared of what I am going to see and experience every night... Some people believe that we forget most dreams for a good reason, and in many cases that is exactly right.
    :^( A good friend of mine is like that too. He gets horrible nightmares: death, killing, the whole works. It really shakes him up.

    I saw your earlier post about the dream where the moon collided with the earth. Wow, your dreams have such massive scale! Bah, and you know how to lucid dream?! Now I'm jealous. :^P

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