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Thread: Are males and females treated differently in certain aspects of society?

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    Get into the monster races! Or, maybe not.

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    I've a big world that's all over the board. In one culture, there would never be a "ruling" queen. There must always be a king and three queens to mirror the heavens. To have otherwise would be to invite chaos and war, disturbing the balance in their theology. Not that the power balance would always be the same, but legally, it would be. And, the head of the three wings of the church would always be women. There's all kinds of stuff all over the place, with different cultures.
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    So in my WIP, it depends on the race and culture.

    For my humans it's fairly traditional medieval. They have injust systems and inherent sexism (though the sexism takes other forms.)

    For the giants gender doesn't matter. As far as anyone's concern the difference is appearance and the function of carrying kids. Giants have tougher bodies, so even giant women while pregnant are known to fight. There's nothing they can do better or worse because of gender. There's no social stigmas.

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    That's interesting. Can you give more info on the theology and power structure?

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    My current WIP is set in the Paleolithic, so it depends on the tribe. The one that's been the focus of the story thus far is mostly egalitarian as far as gender is concerned. My WIP is heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts/fantasy novels (wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan) so it's very much Might Makes Right in regards to authority. Men and women have the same opportunities, rights and restrictions, and there is no division of labour by gender. If you are stronger, you have more status within the tribe, and thus more freedoms are afforded to you and you can get away with more. The only difference in treatment is that if girls don't reach a certain level by age 16, there is a push from the tribe for them to get married; guys have to reach their (higher) target level by 20 to avoid it. (On the other hand, whether male or female, if one shows enough talent, one will be discouraged from marrying until one's growth starts tapering off.) Most magical tribes have a similar setup, although a minority disallow or make it very difficult for one gender or the other to cultivate magic in an attempt to keep their traditions from before they were taught magic. The non-magical tribes range from heavily matriarchal to heavily patriarchal with everything in between, although I doubt that will ever be relevant.

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Are males and females treated differently in certain aspects of society?   Are males and females treated differently in certain aspects of society?   Are males and females treated differently in certain aspects of society?