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Thread: Battle Of The Platforms

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    One ought also to take purpose into account. If the purpose is marketing, then certainly FB and Twitter are better than a blog. If, otoh, you want to communicate with your readers, or to create a place to create a reader community, then FB is the best choice. Yes, you can open your blog to comments, but that still doesn't let readers talk among themselves.

    On the other other hand, there's an argument to be made for going where your readers are. By that logic, one ought to cover all platforms, using tech tools to cut down on the number of separate posts this requires.

    I have little experience with Pinterest and Instagram; what little time I spent there just annoyed me.
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    The only reason I have a Facebook account is for my series. So far, I have a tiny # of likes on my page but it's fun because I get to post stuff for them. Pictures, quotes, teasers, other books I think they might like. I'm uncertain as to where this will lead someday (still very new at it).
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