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Thread: Comic book scripts; resources and advice

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    Comic book scripts; resources and advice

    I am building the concept of an anthropomorphic costume hero universe that I thought would make a great series of novels. Someone else advised me that they would be more likely to sell as a graphic novel. I've already posted an excerpt from my work on my page. Now, I'm going to write and post a brief comic book script for my story on this website in the near future (2-4 pages, no more).

    Just one problem though; I've not actually tried writing a comic book script before! I know how they should look, but there's a good chance mine may be unclear to a potential artist or lack finesse.

    Can anyone offer any good advice on writing a comic book script, or direct me to any good information resources on writing one? This may be books, magazines or websites, but bear in mind I live in the UK and might not have access to certain printed material.

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    Somebody asked the same thing in this thread.

    Below was my answer with a link to a resource.

    This link might help. Graphic Novel Script Format | Tim Stout

    When you think about it, how graphic novels are created is similar to movies. There's a script and the artist follows that script to create the images. Sometimes the script can be very specific in what should be shown. Other times, the writer leaves it up to the artist as to how things are shown. To my limited knowledge, there is the Marvel way and the DC way, but there really isn't a industry standard. Some people just do what works for them.
    Also if you google comic book scripts there are professional scripts from published comics available for you to look at.
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Comic book scripts; resources and advice   Comic book scripts; resources and advice   Comic book scripts; resources and advice