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Thread: Mythic Scribes Writing Jargon?

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    I think I would pick a piece from my own writing to illustrate cause that way I have no issues with someone thinking a comment is aimed at them.

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    Coming in real late to this thread...

    The discussion on Filter language reminded me of this recent post on literary agent Mary C. Moore's blog: Mistakes in the Slushpile: Filter Verbs ? Mary C. Moore - filter language, she says, is one of the most common mistakes she sees in the slush pile.

    Narration vs Narrative: I've always considered "the narrative" as synonymous with "the story." I consider "narration" as the telling of the story. The narration includes all elements of the narrative, because what narrator, in reading the story aloud, would skip the dialogue? Can you imagine buying an audio book, narrated by Joe B. Narrator, where Joe skips all the dialogue bits? I'd ask for a refund.

    But as was also pointed out, there have been plenty of discussions in the interwebs pertaining to narrative vs dialogue. In these discussions, narrative is often taken to mean the "action" of the story, the unfolding of events, as opposed to either dialogue or description. So you could have an equation of Story = Narrative + Dialogue + Description, though I'd rather think of it as Story = Action + Dialogue + Description, because I can think of that as S = ADD.

    Anyway, I think context is often required to understand what is meant when someone uses the term "narrative."

    As for the word "prose," I think of it as synonymous with "style," that is, word choice, but also how those words are strung together. You can have good prose, bad prose, flowery prose, purple prose, etc. Prose does not rely on meter, rhythm, or rhyme, as opposed to poetry, which needs at least one of those three. Some prose may border on the poetic, in which case, we could leave it to the most scholarly to debate whether the prose is actually prose.

    As for nominations for the glossary, I'll nominate:


    I hadn't encountered MRU before reading about it on these forums. Had missed that somehow. I'd read about scene-sequel, but found the term "sequel" in this context a bit confusing.
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    I have always had a certain fondness for the term "vomit draft."
    “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.”- John Wayne

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