Armor of Plot Invulnerability + 20

Name: Armor of Plot Invulnerability Bonus: +20 Armor Class, Avoid Death* Description: The physical appearance of this armor may be as trivial as a charm, as conspicuous as a sensationalized suit forged in the mind of an adolescent, or completely nonexistent. This powerful, yet cursed, armor cannot be found, bought or made. Rather, it is … Read more

Creating a Fictional Religion

This article is by J. W. Barlament. Religion plays a major part in many of our lives, and for some of us, is a crucial part of our identities. It finds itself in the center of ideologies and controversies, and so it makes sense that many authors avoid writing about it in their fiction. Some … Read more

History for Fantasy Writers: How Old Was Old?

People died at such a young age, you were old at forty. So many infants and children died, adults did not bond with them. Even then, the children were treated like adults; “childhood” is a modern invention. I have heard this, and variations on this, all my life (and I really am old). It’s wrong … Read more

A Worldbuilding Magazine

Worldbuilding Monthly Covers

This article is by Adam Bassett. I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has developed into original stories with (hopefully) intriguing settings and characters. During my time working on these projects there has always been a collaborative drive whenever I spoke with another who enjoyed … Read more

History for Fantasy Writers: How to Cross a River

That scene in The Fellowship of the Ring, the one where Frodo and Sam cross the Brandywine, has always bothered me. How did hobbits, famously averse to water travel, know how to steer the raft? Wouldn’t they have been carried by the current a mile or two downstream? In the book, Tolkien has Merry push … Read more

Beneath the Shining Armor — The Paladin

The Knight in shining armor, chivalrous to the very end. The majestic charger of gilded plate barding, galloping forever onward like a divine wind. The wielder of powerful, enchanted arms as the bane of the unjust and unholy. Unwavering devotion to their cause as the defender of the weak, and the usurper of the vile. … Read more

From Roleplayer to Writer

This article is by Jedi Knight Muse (Ally). Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved using my imagination. It didn’t matter if I was just playing pretend with my friends or playing by myself. I remember standing in my kitchen one night and telling my parents that I was Dorothy Gail (from Wizard … Read more

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