A Primer on Cults for Writers

What are Cults? While there are numerous interpretations of what a cult specifically entails, there is consensus on the fact that a modern cult (we will not be talking about ancient cults, which is a subject onto itself), exploits the beliefs of its members for the gain of the cult. Furthermore, the International Cultic Studies … Read more

FREE Book Marketing Strategies, Part Two

This is part two in our Free Marketing series. Whether you are traditionally or independently published, it is important to engage with the author community. As a follow up to our previous discussion on free marketing strategies we will cover two tactics to help promote your work and build relationships with your fellow writers. There … Read more

Change Arc: The Inner Journey

Simply put, a change arc is the inner journey a character experiences from the beginning of the story to the end. It’s their transformation, or their lesson learned. It’s how far they’ve really come regardless the distance of their physical journey. And it’s super easy to mess up. So, here’s a cheat sheet to use … Read more

3 Ways To Market Your Book For Free

This is part one in our Free Marketing series. Authors are ordinary people with ordinary lives. Most of us have jobs, families, and responsibilities out in the world that, well, cost money (bills, bills, bills). In my life as an Indie, I have come across few authors who have plenty of money to spend on … Read more

It Was a Woman’s World, Too: Ching Shih

We welcome you again to the world of speculative fiction, where there are no limits for what an individual can accomplish—except in the mind of the writer. Often, while we can create entire worlds out of our imaginations, stories of adventure and daring do have been limited to male characters, based on the belief that … Read more

The Quest for Originality

Have you ever had a really awesome idea for a story? Have you ever given up on this idea because it seemed too similar to something else, or because someone said it was just like that other story they read – or movie they saw, or whatever? If you haven’t, you’re probably an exception. Chances … Read more

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