Fantasy Writing Tips & Discussion

3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Writing

One thing we worry about as writers is being original. Often, the concern comes along with the overwhelming realization that most, if not all ideas have already been done. Ours are hardly the first stories with peasant dragonslayers and worlds with elves. Whatever we want to write about has been touched, tainted, done better or … Read more

Writing in the Wake of a Tragedy

This article is by A.L.S. Vossler. Writing has always been a source of joy for me, and a source of tremendous frustration. But when I successfully published my first book, it was all joy and happiness. I got my first shipment of books on December 23rd, 2017. It was the most exciting thing I have … Read more

Paperback Formatting for Beginners

In this day and age, publishing a book you’ve written is as easy as uploading a file to a website and clicking a button. You can even get a copy printed and sent to you in the mail. Easy. That’s just the actual publishing though, and the printing. Writing the book is still difficult, and … Read more

Pushing To The End

I had the fortune of finishing my first novel of 2018 the day after Halloween. After almost an entire year of starting, stopping, starting, stopping, starting, going, going, going, stopping, deleting, etc, the end has finally come. Finishing a book is comparable to climbing a mountain or racing a marathon. It’s both of those things … Read more

History for Fantasy Writers: Millers

This time we talk about millers and mills.  Millers were a part of everyday life everywhere, for they provide the grain the bakers use for our daily bread. Even where someone might have their own baking oven (most people did not), they still needed to have their grain turned into flour. Almost no one did … Read more

The Making of a Fable

This article is by S. Yurvati. Okay, so we all know the moon isn’t really made of cheese—which really bummed me out as girl born in Wisconsin. However, it’s the most transcendent of all heavenly bodies and certainly offers copious sources of fanciful fodder for an author. Ancient cultures and mythology typically portray the moon … Read more

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