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Last Battle/Prologue Pt. 3

By Orc Knight · Oct 19, 2017 · ·
  1. She caught Baba Yaga also glaring at her and glared back, fingering her sword. She and the witch were not on good terms. Any more then she and most everyone at the tables. The dwarf rulers were indifferent at the moment, still keeping an eye on her. It'd been at least a century since the elves and dwarves had a war. As Inivia finished and looked back at Titania. Or trying, she found Liza's armor impractical and the dark woman's chest distract-disgusting. Showing her cleavage as she was. There was a war on. She could worry about such things after it. And since such things angered her, she could go hit something. If, she survived. Which was doubtful.

    "Now that you've reacquainted yourself with everyone, we may move on to the matters at hand." Titania said with a sigh, her ears down. She held up a hand, two marble like things glowing between her fingers. "We've a war to get to."

    "It's a bloody trap." Inivia growled.

    "Thank you for your input, Herald." The Fisheater matron said with a rough chuckle. She sent a glare her way, the big orc ignoring it as her armor started to smoke. Bloody bitch was one of the few who could stop a charge from her and her knights. Crimson eyes glared back as she waved away the smoke.

    "Inivia." Titania growled. She looked back at her queen and growled back. Adriel rolled her eyes and shook her head, taking another drink. Inivia followed suit, emptying her goblet and setting it on the table.

    "It is."

    "And we are here to set it off. Now, my other Queen's have signaled they are ready to meet." She dropped the marbles to the floor, where through imagery magic, the other two thirds of the Three Queen's came up. She could not ignore the blue skinned elf as much as she tried. The Sea Queen Allora Wave. Her rival since they'd first met. The pirate whore. Dressed in her usual, a purple cape over a button up shirt that was tight around her chest, a large tricorn hat just barely hiding her red eyes, short leather pants that always had made Inivia shiver involuntarily and get angry along with thigh high boots. She didn't stand so much as lounge, her long braid blowing in the wind. Sword at her side and a large clay jug in her hand, she saw Inivia and merely nodded.

    The Assassin Queen Gennia D'chen stood with her two bloody daggers in hand and her black suit and coat red with blood. She wore a red scarf and a broad hat. Her own braid swung behind her as she looked around her and was joined by two of her Peach Knights, their bright colored tabards and armor offsetting her own. She saw Inivia and smiled and winked at her. Inivia growled at her in turn. Then she turned and bowed to Titania, who had a soft smile on her face as she did so.

    "My Queen."

    "My Queen." Allora echoed, tipping her hat.

    "You are at ready?"

    "Close as I'm going to get." Gennia said with a shrug. "Got the Crags holding the mountain passes as we do the descent. We've taken out their watchers and there will be resistance further in the tunnels. Until you press the main attack we're skirmishing."

    "My navies are ready. Any of the seaborne and watch ships have been taken out." Allora said, taking a swig from her bottle and then looked at Inivia. "The question is, is our Golden Herald ready?"

    "I'm ready whore." Inivia growled. "We go forth into a trap. The Liches have baited us here. I don't even see why I am needed here." She sent her glare across the tables. "To comfort and congratulate ourselves on a job well done and hope that by the time the sun sets tomorrow we won't all be dead or walking. And me?" She opened up her arms and looked around again. "I am here to lead us all into it. One last glorious charge to go down in a blaze of glory." She slammed her fists into her chest. "My part is to charge and die."

    "Rather morbid way to go into this dear." Gennia said.

    "It's the only way to go into this. We all know it. No one wants to speak it. Shuffle the lines and do what you will. Send your runners to me and I will adjust."

    "Perhaps, my Lady of the Forest, we do need an actual battle plan." Liza said, tipping up her stove pipe hat. "Something other then 'grrr, angry roar and charge'."

    "I don't roar." Inivia's eyes followed the woman's bust and she shook her head, feeling the confusion. It wasn't helped when Alea looked at her. Brown eyed women always made her uncomfortable, confused and angry. Not as much as the tattooed whore across the table. Her blood was starting to boil and she was getting hot.

    "She has a point." Oberon said. "This is not simply a problem we can solve by hitting it."

    "Then burn them. Raze them. Salt them. And I wish by the gods we could eat them." Inivia hissed. "I don't care." She found her eyes wandering the whore's body again and she shook her head, trying to clear the slowly growing red haze from her eyes. "I'm not needed here. Never was. Just point me at my enemies. It's all you've ever done and all I've ever done. Do not overcomplicate it, Titania." She ignored Oberon, as was her habit and met her queen's eyes.

    "Inivia." Titania's voice was stern, like a priestess in the Alfhian Temple.

    "You contemplate. I act. Good day." She gave the smallest bow to Titania.

    "Inivia." She came up short and saw the whore looking at her. There'd been a hitch in her voice and Inivia was surprised to see what looked like sadness in her eyes. "Please. Be careful."
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