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    Is this a good poem?

    Hmmm...... Image is unclear (what gods, what is it about), rhythm is uneven, flow poor. line breaks need work. Title could clue the reader a bit more. Sorry if this sounds brutal: I try to treat my own work as brutally. Needs work.
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    Political Correct Term for Different Intelligent Beings

    Hmm.... I would say that if elves and dwarves can interbreed they are separate races of a single species. In real word usage race tends to mean tribes of humans (The term is scientifically meaningless) and Species refers to non humans, specifically animals.
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    When Does Fantasy Become Too Fantastical?

    Hmm.. Looking at the replies here I can see a spectrum from say Alice through the looking glass - a fluid world with few rules (Alice cannot fly or suddenly start talking Swahili for instance) to fully developed worlds where the rules and everything else are all explicitly laid down. I would...
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    Arrows vs armour

    I remember seeing a documentary that showed a crossbow bolt would not penetrate plate on its own but putting a blob of wax on the tip let it sticl long enough to penetrate. I was only a kid at the time so this may have suffered from the research flaws you mention and I am unaware of any mention...
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    blog Sometimes We Fail

    You tried something new, you failed, you don't know why. The idea seems good. Maybe the arranged marriage aspect? Try again with a slightly different idea or tweak the characters. Also werewolves are two a penny in fantasy, or at least not uncommon. Try a female werewolf and swap things round?
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    [2019] : What kind of laptop do you use to write on?

    I used to use a macbook pro. Now I Have an IMAC. I May have to go to a laptop for mobile working and will probaby go to a lightweight (physical weight as well as cost) laptop plus cloud storage.
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    When Does Fantasy Become Too Fantastical?

    Star trek is pretty much a sage set in a science fiction setting where the science is so well integrated nobody notices it. Like our world. How many people really understand how their laptop works down to the atomic level, or even how their OS works. How many people can explain how a car works...
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    How can I make a racially separated world that isn't racist?

    First, as people have pointed out, the word "racism" is so widely abused it has, like capitalism or communism or socialism become almost meaningless. Since the concept of race is meaningless "Xenophobia" is more more accurate but many very vocal people who are "anti-racist" either cannot...
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    Keeping Your Worldbuilding Organized

    Start unorganised, just write. This tells me about the world as I explore it. . Organise as needed. I tend to get more organised as the project gets bigger and use mind and concept maps as much as possible, if only to organise research material and notes.
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    Prominence of Swords in Fantasy Settings

    One thing occurs to me. At one time smiths were regarded in a way similar to sorcerers, able to turn goose droppings ( which contained iron filings they had fed to the geese in order to carbonise the metal as it went through the goose) into a blade that would cut a cloth dropped onto it...
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    Beginning Fantasy Writing

    I try to rely on Memory as the older I get the less reliable it gets.
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    Prominence of Swords in Fantasy Settings

    As well as the phallic bit (latin for a sheath is 'vagina') Swords are like big knives and can be used like axes if need be. They are versatile tools. I understand they are not always effective against a staff. They can also be used like a crutch. I would suggest it is because it is what...
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    Beginning Fantasy Writing

    I tend to get ideas when I cannot write them down. Some days I get none. If someone else did your idea change your idea a bit.
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    Beginning Fantasy Writing

    I like dragons. When my son was seven he liked my stories about the adventures of a vegetarian dragon. Unfortunately I can no longer think up stories about that dragon. :(
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    Beginning Fantasy Writing

    Thanks Dark Lord.