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    Word Association Game

    Rugby Scottish [man]
  2. Aravelle

    Word Association Game

    Superman [other than superhero damn it] Cape
  3. Aravelle

    Word Association Game

    Wayne Bruce
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    Magic systems involving pain, limb and/or organ removal..?

    Do you know of any book series[es?] including your own that employ this kind of magic? If so, what are the rules? How does the system work? Does it have to be your own body parts, or can it be someone else's? Must it be a willing volunteer or no? I read about this kind in How To Write Science...
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    Word Association Game

    Old [bill] Little [Bill]
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    Word Association Game

    Bandit Chinchilla [don't judge me]
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    If you could, woould you go to New Zealand?

    I'd like to go, just because it seems so pretty... it's not a top priority visit, I'd much rather go to Japan.
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    Anyone? Warm bodies?

    I've heard nothing but good about it, and that it's nothing like twilight except for it being a "paranormal" romance. The zombies are still very much zombies... except, they have a cure, one that doesn't explode or require a syringe, for that matter. I think it looks adorable.
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    Typical Fantasy Creatures vs. Exotic Fantasy Creatures

    I have "standard" fantasy creatures, but with some exotic in the mix. I refuse to use traditional elves or dwarves, however. They're much too overdone.. same with [traditional] vampires and werewolves. I tend to take the general notion of those creatures and twist them. Ex: I have werewolves but...
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    Your longest serving character?

    My first character is... wait for it.. Aravelle. She was used in an MMORPG, and was essentially a Sue [her looks didn't help, straight black hair, blue eyes, large bosom, hourglass figure]. She was a vampire mermaid healer good with potions and an archer. Now.. she's a sassy dyslexic...
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    What are your storytelling pet peeves?

    Wait, what if the tragedy is relevant to the plot? That doesn't count, does it?
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    "Sleeping Beauties"

    Does anyone know of faerietales or myths with a beautiful sleeping youth? The gender doesn't matter. I've looked into several versions of Sleeping Beauty [Sole, Luna, e Talia, Briar Rose, Perceforest], and the myth of Selene and Endymion, but I'd like to find more. It's for a story I'm working...
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    Romance And Gender.

    One thing almost all women like: passion. Women like sensuality, they like feeling protected generally, or at least knowing that if they fall, there will be someone waiting to help them get back on their feet. They like being cherished, appreciated, and having it shown or verbalized [depending...
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    Tumblr, anyone?

    Is anyone else on there? I'd love to follow some more fellow writers, especially from here.