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    Team Lowan has an Announcement

    Awesome, congrats! I'll have to check that out. :)
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    What are you Reading Now?

    Sanderson's Stormlight book two for me. Pretty epic so far! That, and some short stories by John Langan, which, if anyone here is into horror, I would highly recommend.
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    Top 100 Fantasy Authors (How Many Have You Read?)

    I've managed to rack up 21, with quite a few of them on my tbr list! For those who dislike Sanderson but Haven't tried The Way of Kings, please, give it a read. I'm on the second book now and I'm hooked! Another one of his short stories, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, is pretty...
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    Free Proofreading

    Hey guys, I'm still free for proofreading and have sent some PMs your way. :)
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    Free Proofreading

    Hi :) I just wanted to let people know this offer is still open with the same conditions as before, shorter works preferable. If anyone who could benefit from their work being proofed, as well as the extra time gained from me doing so, please get in touch. :)
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    Free Proofreading

    Hi all :) Sorry if this is not allowed, as I'm not promoting any novel/story idea. But I did get the thumbs up from a mod. I'm Matt, a entry-level member of the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and I've completed a couple of their proofreading courses and now looking for...
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    Group Magic System Building

    19. It was discovered that once the mushroom fell off the person's head, the mushroom retains some of its potency and is used as a quick magic fix during the earlier phases of the lunar cycle.
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    Help with magic system/worldbuilding

    Thanks, watching those videos were really helpful, and one really weird thing is that upon watching and browsing the channel i realised some of the advice mentioned along with the choices of stories he chose to express them were similar to something i'd already read. Eventually I worked out that...
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    Help with magic system/worldbuilding

    Just thought I'd add in another idea I've had, one that was actually a seperate story idea which could fit into this one. involving multiple dimensions, where some kind of diety/beings operate in each dimension a part of a council of some sort that can control entropy, a sliding scale of chaos...
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    Help with magic system/worldbuilding

    Yeah that's the trouble I'm having, essentially the idea is that the magic is to be varied enough and has enough variation of application to revolutionise many aspects of human life, be it agriculture, wards for protecting homes etc, as skip. Knox mentioned, enough variety to be applied through...
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    Help with magic system/worldbuilding

    Hi, new here and also attempting to iron out some details for my first novella/novel. So some quick context of my initial idea, although have got many details to finish/sort out: so there are magic users (either different species altogether or humans who have somehow gained magic, either by...