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    Neil Gaiman's reading habits

    Transcript + Embedded video (idk if you'll be able to see it). Neil Gaiman: Keynote Address | The University of the Arts
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    my characters have a chance to talk with a god - what would your say?

    Have you read American Gods? I feel like that book is a perfect example for this situation, and the solution Gaiman uses is to just talk to them like normal people.
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    Por Favor, a little feedback.

    Hmmm some of that stuff I was really just brainstorming. The wierd fauna might not make it, and I might implement some sort of soft magic but it'd be pretty subtle (think about how tolkien never really has that much obvious magic, but it's kind of under the surface). I've done a good bit of...
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    Radiation, etc.

    Ahhhh ok now I get it. You can pretty much disregard most of what I said about the everything on the surface dying part. Whereas a nuclear exchange would have high levels of immediate radiation and destruction, most of the actual destruction would come from the fallout blotting out of the sky...
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    Por Favor, a little feedback.

    Soo I've been building this world for a story that I should hopefully start soon (I have the main characters and some major plot points in mind, but I like to flesh things out so I can just focus on plot while I'm actually writing). It's going to be low-fantasy(as they call it these days), and...
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    Radiation, etc.

    By nuclear holocaust I'm assuming you mean a full on 80s MAD style exchange between a two nations like Russia and the US, not a limited exhange such a hiroshima event or something like what would happen if India-Pakistan went at it. In a MAD style exchange, basically the world would die because...