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    Can two moons rotate around a world in opposite directions of each other

    Not necessarily. Earth currently has 2 moons. The big one that everyone knows about and that has been captured, called Kamo’oalewa. Kamo’oalewa is expected to stick around for another 300 years or so and was only recently discovered. Now, it is only about 50 meters across, so you can't see it...
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    map making software

    Humble bundle is currently selling a Campaign Cartographer bundle. You can get most of the software for $30 with a portion of the money going to charity.
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    Superhero combat tactics

    It seems like everyone here is focused on superhero combat using a single super powered individual. When I saw Avengers Endgame, I initially wanted to complain, because there was no obvious coordination with the combatants on either end. I cut them some slack because the good guys didn't plan on...
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    Superhero combat tactics

    I just recently finished watching "Star Wars The Bad Batch" and while I enjoyed it, there was one thing that really bothered me. They were supposed to be this elite, unstoppable special warfare unit, but they obviously didn't know anything about basic combat tactics. They were constantly making...
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    What would prevent growing minions as cannon fodder from being an alternative to hiring henchmen?

    In the prequels, they used a clone army. In the original, the series that came out in 1977, they used conscripts. But the Star Wars prequels, Attack of the Clones, especially, would be a good resource for what Erebus wants.
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    Question about tourniquets

    Paramedic here. Tourniquets used to be thought of as a last resort and that using one would result in the loss of the limb. That is not necessarily the case. A proper tourniquet should be a wide band, at least an inch. If it is too narrow, it will cause tissue damage. You wrap the tourniquet...
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    How would the midwife know?

    There have been stories about women going scuba diving with dolphins, only to have the dolphins force the woman out of the water. On surfacing, the dive masters told the woman she was pregnant, because the dolphins could tell using their sonar.
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    What do you call a Biped that has Quadruped qualities

    My first thought was also how gorillas walk. The term I usually see used to describe this is "knuckle-walking".
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    Can two moons rotate around a world in opposite directions of each other

    Triton has a retrograde orbit. It is thought to be a Kuiper Belt object (similar to Pluto) that was captured, and not a natural satellite. It is extremely unlikely that a natural satellite would develop a retrograde orbit.
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    I've long wondered how that decision has affected their bottom line. I stopped using Adobe because of that and switched to to LibreOffice instead of Micro$oft.
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    Lore or Story first?

    No matter which way you decide to take it, make sure you are keeping track of the details so you don't mix things up.
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    Lore or Story first?

    For me it would depend on how important the lore is to the story. If it is very important, work on the lore. If it is no more important than the rest of the story, then work on them at the same time or work on the stories and then work on the lore as the story progresses.
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    Describe your magic system

    My magic system is still in the early phases of development. I started planning an RPG before deciding to work on a prequel story. I really hate Vancian magic systems. They are very limiting in games. When playing games, especially computer RPGs, I prefer a mana based system. Magic in my world...
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    Why wouldn't you wear a helmet?

    I think most of you have gotten away from the point of the post. "but would there be any practical situations where you would not want to wear a helmet in battle?" All of us would agree that a properly trained military would issue helmets and require their troops to wear it. When I was in the...
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    Battlemages; Do you use them?

    Heat and electricity take the path of least resistance. When the fireball or lightning bolt leaves the mage's fingers, if it connects with the metal armor, it would conduct through the armor. Without the armor, it would fly away from the mage.