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    Hello! Welcome to mythic scribes;) Everyone here is super sweet and helpful, so if you have a question, feel free to ask. Good luck with your WiP!
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    Revision Question

    It is about 145 pages- not very long but decent for a first work I think. I began brainstorming about a year ago, began writing, then kind of forgot about it. I came back to it a few months later and rewrote all that I had previously written, then slowly began working on it again.
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    How should i start my fantasy story?

    hello! Your ideas all sound great :) A good first chapter can begin In a few ways 1- Like HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, you could begin by simply introducing your main character, setting, and if you feel so inclined, begin hinting at the problem. 2-You could begin in the middle of a sequence...
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    Welcome! Great story idea, and always feel free to ask advice;) everyone here will be happy to support you!
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    oooo I really like those ideas- I'm going to explore what you mentioned about the elf sensing the human, and also the energy it takes for the human to use the magic. Thanks for the great advice!
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    Thanks Nirak! I'm excited to try out all these ideas and see how they play out in my story:) That's a really good point about the commonness of healing etc which I hadn't thought about, but I should. Thank you!
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    That's a really good idea! I think I will incorporate that into my story. Thanks!
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    Lynea, could you explain what you mean by 'short term side effects'? It sounds intriguing and I would love to explore that :)
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    Thanks guys! What you've said makes me feel a lot more confident about mine;)
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    Hello! You won't be disappointed, this sight really is a treasure trove of articles and advice, and best of all, a group of people who are all enthusiastic authors;)
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    Does my magic system need to be more complex?

    Hi everyone! I just had a quick question about my magic system, and would be grateful for any advice. So I'll summarize my story very broadly for context, I just don't want to tell too much since it's not copywritten (is that a word?) yet. So there is a world that exists that was hidden from...
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    Magic System- Help!

    I agree with Saigonnus, or you could create a series of spoken spells. You could use a combination of Latin, Sanskrit, etc. I would also have your magic be limited in some ways- I like the idea you have with the beard length- so that even the most powerful wizard cannot go on and on performing...
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    Revision Question

    Thank you everyone for the advice! I finished my first draft today, and I'm actually kind of excited to start editing now that I have all of this info ;) I've talked to people about publishing it eventually, but I'm a little discouraged because apparently publishers rarely even read submissions...
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    Revision Question

    Hi everyone! I've written a short story or two simply for my own enjoyment, but I have been working on a novel for some time now and am merely a chapter or so away from finishing it. So what next? I have been told that often a first time author writes a first draft and thinks it's a masterpiece...
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    Re-using Homebrew DND Settings

    That sounds so awesome, I bet it will end up an amazing story! Personally, I would just start writing (or outlining if you prefer). In your writing, don't refer to specific rules from D&D and you should be good- which is pretty obvious advice (lol).And don't stress because in some ways every...