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    Roots and Branches of Languages

    Latin, appears to be 'oddly' missing, unless I have over-looked it. I initially couldn't find Romani and then I found it but it was so tiny on a branch that I couldn't believe it LoL. The artist also appeared to use some type of poetic license where s/he chose the year 0 which I am assuming...
  2. dannYves

    What type of government/hierarchy do you use? And how many kinds are there?

    I struggle a bit with coming up with a form of government (i.e., dictatorship, ect...) and am curious to see what people usually use... so what type of government do you guys use? :):)
  3. dannYves

    "Bellringer" -- questions and ideas

    I enjoy this Diana character :-) She kind of reminds me if one of my favorite alltime characters "catwoman" where she is a rather neutral person, kind of misunderstod and really ends up protecting her own wellbeing in the long run (though I think this new catwoman in rises sucks as well as the...
  4. dannYves

    "Bellringer" -- questions and ideas

    So is Diana a character which you've used previously and what to use her "profile" in a new story? I personally, like the idea of Diana turning into a wolf when she gets angry, it just sounds "entertaining" to read, especially nowadays where werewolves have become more of a race of beings...
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    question about descriptions :-)

    Said perfectly. I like to describe faces and body language,.. but a habit I need to break is describing clothes since a dream of mine is fashion designing and I draw a lot of females’ clothes, so it's natural for me to specifically detail a princess or a siren or alien looking creatures ...
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    Want to build your own language?

    Creating a language is rather difficult unless you are doing a quickie language. You have to take stress, verbs, syllables into account, pronunciation. .. I suggest to model it after a real language like Japanese and change the pronunciation or use Spanish verbs instead of Japanese and of...
  7. dannYves

    I need some opinions...

    I don't believe it sounds cliche or predictable.. If you feel that others may look at it as predictable add parts to it to make it different, you can do this without changing your plot. For instance: The plot is a guy who saves the princess from the dragon (a predictable plot).... add...
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    question about descriptions :-)

    Thanks , I am trying to weed out some things in one of my stories where I believe is filled with too much description , I think I just need to allow the reader to come out with their own images. It would make it easier to consentrate on the plot too. Thanks for your comments :-)
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    question about descriptions :-)

    I’m new here, came across this forum as it seems to have some people "alive" :-) but i do realize i should put this in the introduction section but i also had some questions so i decided to combine the two, why not? ! How do all or any of you describe the world and the characters in your...
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    How do you plan your stories?

    Wow lol. I like that idea. I have a habit of just cluttering papers all over the place creating a mess. But this is actually not bad of an idea :-) i may have to borrow it one day ;)~