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    Shameless Self-Appreciation Thread

    I just sold my second short story! Not nearly as excited as I was when I sold my first one but pretty damn close.
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    Modern Fantasy: Angels

    In that case, then why are the Celestials okay with being called Angels on Earth? If they know there are beings that are more literally angelic it'd make sense that they wouldn't want to be mistaken for them. I see where you are coming from with this one. Are you intending for Cassiana to be a...
  3. Darkblade

    Modern Fantasy: Angels

    I am going to raise my questions by taking your post apart. Please do not interpret this as hostile, it's just the most efficient way to address my inquiries and criticisms. By all means if you have good answers planned in your text use them. Why do they call themselves that? Why don't they...
  4. Darkblade

    Dystopian recommeded reads? And what has become cliche in it?

    Before you read any other contemporary dystopian fiction go back to the basics. 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell are essential reads in general but especially if you have an interest in dystopias. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is likewise an important classic that set the bar for every...
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    Assasin's Creed Question

    Buying a console is definitely not an option so I guess I'll start by looking for a good LP of the second game. Thank you all for your advice.
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    Assasin's Creed Question

    Through general internet osmosis I've heard bits and pieces about the storyline from the Assassin's Creed series and I must say that it sounds intriguing. Unfortunately I do not have a modern (or one generation removed from modern even) console capable of playing any of the games and...
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    Dany to play Sarah Conner

    I've been disapointed in the lack of people making jokes about her and Cersei both being Sarah Conner.
  8. Darkblade

    Agents of Shield

    I am enjoying the series for the most part. I just have two issues. One stems from the lack of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turning the Asgardians into aliens with sufficiently advanced technology (at a point in time when the comics are very thoroughly treating them as actual...
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    Starting point?

    A good place to start is with what kinds of locales you're going to need for this story. Once you have some basic locations and set pieces start fleshing them out.
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    General terms for magical monsters

    I'm currently playing with different languages and their words for animals and monsters. Mainly Swiss German and Dutch (the area the story takes place in an area with a strong Amish presence). I'm currently liking Gruwel "abomination" or Ondier "monster" or "brute". The term needs to...
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    Dark Fantasy - Recommendations?

    Hexslinger trilogy by Gemma Files: A dark fantasy western where magic is dark, twisted and parasitic. A fallen preacher manifests his magical potential after falling in love with a ruthless gay gunslinger. Pacts with dead Gods, human sacrifice, and many other horrific incidents ensue. Attack on...
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    General terms for magical monsters

    Does anyone have a good catch all term for monsters? I have a short story set in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization was knocked back to the dark ages by the sudden appearance of various monsters from myths and legends world wide. A lot of the monsters have been domesticated and serve...
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    18. Jim Butcher Discussion

    Maybe I was letting my own interpretation interfere with my memory of the text. Regardless I am curious to see how his forthcoming steam punk series shapes up.
  14. Darkblade

    18. Jim Butcher Discussion

    I'm not saying that you can't. I'm just stating my opinion on what I have read of the series.