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    Clothing and Garb

    Simple and utilitarian. They are miners and their clothing reflects the need for durable, practical items. Hemp fiber is the go-to choice given the low amount of water needed to grow it, its quick growing cycle, and the medicinal aspects of cannabis in a very low-tech culture are not to be...
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    Anyone joining this year?

    Last year was my first try at NaNo and the WIP I am working on now is the fruit of that attempt. I did learn, though, that I do not function as a pure pantser. Most of what I'm doing now is undoing the pantsed parts that are shaming. There's a possibility that I engage it again this year, with...
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    Which is better? Absolute fantasy worlds, or "Secret Underbelly" fantasy worlds?

    I don't really have an opinion. Just dropping in to comment that the "secret underbelly" usually goes by masquerade for any looking for further information. Masquerade - TV Tropes
  4. The cast so far...

    The cast so far...

    Using a mind-mapping ap to keep track of the characters as the cast grows. Yes, the names are comically mundane. That's perfectly purposeful. I have a hard time keeping track of characters with unreal names (looking at you, Silmarillion) so I write my stories initially staring Bob and Howard and...
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    Trying to post a story on Portfolio

    Of the three, I see that one of the portfolios indeed has a story segment as a new entry. This is just supposition, but the other two portfolios, are they perhaps the result of attempting to create an entry but you hit Create Portfolio rather than Post New Entry? The initial page of a portfolio...
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    Too much Dialouge in chapters/paragraphs

    Well, depending on how it's deployed and into how much detail Person B goes, I feel like this could possibly, maybe be what I mentioned in the first situation. I've not read it so I've no idea how into detail Person B goes with respect to describing People X in question, but if he's delivering a...
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    Too much Dialouge in chapters/paragraphs

    This is hard to address, but I can think of a couple of scenarios. Are your characters infodumping at the reader via the dialogue? It's a kind of narrative intrusion, when we use a character to spew information in a way that feels unnatural or out of context, perhaps because the narrative mode...
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    Hey there! :) Just PMd you.

    Hey there! :) Just PMd you.
  9. Possible Prologue

    Possible Prologue

    I don't usually write prologues. This one is intended to invoke questions, not answer them. Rotating 3rd limited, this prologue using Patrick as the POV character. “Another centimeter in, one meter by one meter,” Patrick instructed. Dead shaft, my ass, he thought. The pearlescent silver...
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    Conlanging in "Fantasy Land"

    Not dissimilar to what China Miéville did with The City and the City. Ul Qoma is vaguely arabic and Besźel is vaguely slavic. No gobbledygook, unparsable dialogue in need of subsequent narrative illumination. He does just as you mention, keeping nearly all references as place-names and...
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    I learned Russian at the DLIFLC, the US Armed Forces language academy where military interpreters are trained. The nature of my job and the security clearance with which I worked made actually going to Russia at that time (late 80's through the 90's) the kind of thing that would have landed me...
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    Escaping the "Tolkien Trap"

    Nope. But, I was never an LotR boy. I'm a DUNE boy. I write mainly Science Fantasy, but I'm coming from the Science side, crossing over to the Fantasy side, not the other way around. Also, I haven't "gamed" since the collapse of 1983. My stories sometimes smell a little like Anne McCaffrey or...
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    I speak Spanish (Caribbean Zone) and English (AmE) natively and I also speak fluent Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, some German and French. I started working as an interpreter in the USAF, trained at the DLIFLC in Monterey, CA. I still work in the field to this day, for the USDOJ.
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    Mysteries of the Edit Button

    I'm familiar with the back end of Xenforo, so my question is: Does the edit button here always disappear after a set amount of time regardless of your time and participation in the forum, or does one eventually graduate to a user group that permits the edit button to stay. I review my posts...
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    Does anyone write poetry?

    I do, yes, sometimes. Silly poetry, though, of the shel Silverstein School. Hither, Thither, and Yon This morrow at the break of dawn I saw my neighbor walking yon. With haste, he trod upon the road. He seemed quite vexed and kicked a toad. Then hither came the man to me and asked me for a...