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    Who's Really Writing?

    I write the story. I am not one of those who believes that the stories are all floating around in the universe just waiting to be plucked like low hanging fruit. Just no. I have my own stories in my own head and they are different from the stories in any one else's head. I can't write Chessie's...
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    Writing music?

    I prefer music. It depends on what I'm working on. Each piece has its own soundtrack. I prefer classical, but I also was really inspired by the Minecraft Pirates soundtrack or the Minecraft Norse Mythology soundtrack (I know!!! It sounds crazy but my kid plays a ton of Minecraft and it always...
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    What type of Writer are You?

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    Putting Words To The Page

    I would agree with this. I would suggest never submitting a first draft for review (until it is to a VERY trusted crit partner. I have a few of those, who are at a level where they know to critique on structure or pacing, but not on word choice/voice etc), or be VERY specific in what sort of...
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    Putting Words To The Page

    This might help :) On First Drafts: 26 Quotes From Famous Writers - Writing Routines
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    Dislikable characters being popular?

    Hmmmmm, interesting... I think some of my favourite literary characters are anti-heroes, without being GrimDark... Scarlet O'Hara? Huck Finn? Hamlet? Jay Gatsby? Quentin Coldwater? Locke Lamora? Holden Caufeld? Pretty much any main character by Kurt Vonnegut (I can't pick a favourite).... Howard...
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    Dislikable characters being popular?

    I think it is because they are relatable. We all have those demons inside ourselves who aren't always kind, or friendly, or generous. The villains are those parts of ourselves outside walking around and acting on those emotions that we keep stuffed down inside. I hate the queen in Once Upon A...
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    Putting Words To The Page

    When this happens to me it is usually because I'm judging my shitty rough draft too much. My logical brain is busy judging my creative brain. In order to get past this I often have to allow my draft to suck, and set a word goal... say 500 words. I will do word sprints, like "Ok, start and don't...
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    Frank Herbert all the way. I don't care what Grammerly says. You are Frank Herbert. Me.... I've been told early Atwood and Anne Marie McDonald. I wish I was Neil Gaiman or Shirley Jackson.
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    My story thinks it's not yet finished

    It's possible that it feels anticlimactic because nothing has changed. The story is over, and the response is "so what?" So ask yourself: 1) What has changed in this world? Is the world better, or worse since this person's death? 2) Who is affected by the death? It is possible you got the main...
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    Which Is More Effective In Horror (Suspense v. Surprise)?

    Suspense is my preference. I have never liked modern horror (Saw, Hostel, etc etc. Slasher films). I just don't "get it"... But I LOVE what might be classified as Thriller, or Psychological Thriller, (Shutter Island, The 6Th Sense, etc). My husband, on the flip sides, will watch slasher films...
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    Which Is More Effective In Horror (Suspense v. Surprise)?

    I have nothing new to add to this either, other than my two favourite examples of amazing suspense are: 1) The entire novel of We Have Always lived in the Castle where, if you really pay attention, literally nothing happens but some people sitting around drinking tea and talking and it is the...
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    From Theme to Plot

    Ahhhhhhh, I see :) Makes sense.
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    From Theme to Plot

    Hey Yora, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm confused about what your specific issue is? You originally posted asking about how to create a plot from a theme. We had a great discussion. Then you asked if we could get more specific and you gave some background of your world, so lots of people...
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    Developing Character Development

    Another thing I thought of today is that how much you develop your characters depends on the tone of the story. Comedic characters are almost always less dimensional than dramatic characters.