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    Getting back on the horse

    Wish me luck. I am taking another stab at writing after a long hiatus. I have a book idea that has been rattling around in my head for years. Just trying to decide if I am going to put it in a fantasy or future sci-fi setting.
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    Guess who is back...

    Go ahead and guess. Ill wait...
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    What are you Reading Now?

    Reading Prisonder of Azkaban to my daughter right now. We are on the second to last chapter. Hope you get your hands on the book. Reading the entire series from start to finish is awesome.
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    What are you Reading Now?

    I'm reading the Outlander series while I wait (oh so patiently) for Patrick Rothfuss to put out his next book.
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    To all my friends from the U.K.

    Thank you all for the helpful input. We are thinking perhaps a bit earlier in the year due to the weather, maybe late September or early October. If anyone has any other suggestions please don’t be shy. We do not get to travel that often, I want to make the most of it.
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    Lunar Eclipse!

    Stuck in a small room with no windows for 12hrs. Let me know how it looks.
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    To all my friends from the U.K.

    Hello there, My wife and I are planning a vacation across the pond this time next year. We are looking at the last week in October. That week appeals to us because travel will be cheaper and we love Halloween. I was looking for some travel advice. Will the weather be terribly rough by the...
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    Welcome to the Dragon's Egg RPG subforum

    So, I guess we should start talking about how to get me into the game...?
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    What are you Reading Now?

    Just finished "A Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss (book two of The Kingkiller Chronicle) I highly recommend this series, although we are still waiting on book three. Now I am going to dive back into book three of A Song of Ice and Fire. It starts out slow, but I am told it is worth...
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    Dragon's Egg RPG - Gods

    Is there a list of minor gods out? I do not think my character identifies with any on the major list. I am looking for a god(dess) of music, taverns, parties, charm, fun.... that sort of thing. Needs to be chaotic/good or one step off. Would be better if he/she was a human deity, but not...
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    Welcome to the Dragon's Egg RPG subforum

    Hey folks, Sorry it took me so long to get ready. I just got back from deployment and was catching up with the family. Steerpike has my character info (but I think I need to level him up one or two levels before I start). Character name is Hail' Smythe. Male half Elf bard. Looking forward...
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    Nano Calendar

    Love it, will probably be my background for November!
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    Killing giant scorpions

    I agree with T.A.S. You would probably want to invest in armor defeating weapons. Personally I would want something with range if I were fighting a scorpion. Maybe a bow with amour piercing heads. Or a heavy pike. A phalanx formation might have a good chance. Here is a website I found with...
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    I'm struggling

    Krunchee, Pretty much everything has been done. Being origonal is just comming up with a fresh way to tell your story, or mixing things up in a unique way. Try telling your story from a different point of view. Throw in some supporting characters that seem different. Try a different setting...
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    CA Wildfires

    Glad to see you and your family are alright. Not to mention your homes. I did some time out in CA, those wild fires are no joke.