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    The Nevid

    Nice. I've seen it done somewhat differently: a single music piece plays while one reads the story. It's very effective if the music doesn't compete with the writing.
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    Potion Making as Story Element

    Very true; there are some top notch writers here.
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    Potion Making as Story Element

    The character has this knowledge sort of downloaded into her mind, which can be accessed according to need. I should have clarified it comes from several pages of charts that I made. True, most of it will never be used, but it's a fun pasttime. Come to think if it, in the whole novel, she's only...
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    Potion Making as Story Element

    I think all four reasons make the case for a detailed system. In writing these short scenes, I use word economy and a background tailor made for the character, complete with symbolism. It's also a good time to develop the thought life, like we do when engaged in a favorite hobby. In approaching...
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    Potion Making as Story Element

    I like the point about not creating potions as the plot demands, which would be like deus ex machina. Making up monsters for ingredients is also very good. That adds to the formula possibilities. My character in question has this as part of a sinister manipulation in a lab during childhood. In...
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    Potion Making as Story Element

    Not necessarily potable, a potion can be thought of as the end result of a formula. Whether it merely adds flavor to world building, or has a major impact on the climax, the question is whether to invest in a data base or just wing it. A character having this as a super power pretty much...
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    Quasi-Psionic magic system, feedback needed.

    TK carves out a nice niche in terms of push/pull. It's the antithesis of video game fireworks and Samantha Stevens wish-magic. To further distill this take on the subject, we might confine it to a genetically unique culture. The basic manifestation is mental repulsor rings ala the Galaxy Being...
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    Currently a moderator at Disqus.com on the Writing World channel.

    Currently a moderator at Disqus.com on the Writing World channel.
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    Twenty Spell Caster Ranks

    I just dusted off and reread the story [head smack]. It was an outgrowth of the story world. There are a few reasons to quantify: an empire needs an accurate estimate as to how a threat rates; a magic school uses it to put history lessons in perspective; students debate their legendary icons...
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    Twenty Spell Caster Ranks

    For Greg: Those are the pins, not the spells. But yes--you retain all lesser spells, like having the option of how far to throw a football. Thus a wizard sublimator can heal a paper cut with a tiny spell. True, it's complex. I wanted a faster advancement to avoid the stereotyped white-beard...
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    Twenty Spell Caster Ranks

    Ever had a story delayed because some facet wasn't fleshed out? Creating these plug-and-play guides is half the fun; you can't wait to use them. For your approval: The Standard Academy Rating System is a means for comparing strength of magic users--human or not. Applicants must cast a...
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    viewing other users and their work.

    First you'll want to nail down your own specialty. Worldbuilding? Spellcraft? Fey creatures? In related forums you'll find practitioners to bounce ideas off of.
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    Finished first book, now what?

    I'm strictly a low-tech type, still using the ancient Corel Word. I specify to Windows to make it a continuous file I can add to when time permits. If you have a cover available, about 1500 x 2500 pixels or so, Amazon has a separate upload for that. They make it extremely easy. Just go to their...
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    Random thoughts

    My female characters benefit from this observation by a master in the field: "In all my years of practice, I have never precisely deduced what it is that a woman wants."---Sigmund Freud.
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    You'll like the worldbuilding forum. There are some talented thinkers there with ideas you've never considered.