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    Why Humanity doesn't interest me in fantasy. (Rant)

    Are you sure you're not a supervillain? You seem to have the motivation. This whole paragraph feels vaguely Ra's al Ghul to me. lol
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    Creating Fantasy people names?

    In general, Greek myth is such well-trod ground in the west that nobody's going to take you to task for using Greek names. They have none of the awkward implications of using African or Native American names out of context, for instance. My rule of thumb is to just make sure that you have a...
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    The Peaceful Solution

    Peaceful solutions are good, if only for the sake of variety. Even climactic battles might start to get boring after a while if that's all there is to the genre. The main thing is that your ending, whether there's a battle or not, must: follow logically from the story's events, showcase...
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    Fantasy creatures

    Sometimes I adapt pre-existing creatures. Sometimes I think of random words, fiddle with them until they sound cool, and then try to invent a creature whose traits match the sound and feel of the new word. Like, quant. Quant sounds pretty neat. So what's a quant? What does it do? Where does it...
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    What Are You Playing Now?

    Three words: HORIZON. ZERO. DAWN. This game is so awesome, I might buy a PS4 Pro just to play it over again with better graphics. And I'm not even that far along the main story yet.
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    What Are You Playing Now?

    Just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, now playing Horizon: Zero Dawn.
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    World/Series Bible Template?

    Does anyone know of a good template or app to use for making a "bible" for worldbuilding purposes? I'm starting to have trouble keeping all my stuff organized in its current format, and updating my documents whenever ideas change is an absolute pain.
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Bring them out! I must learn their ways! THEIR POWER WILL BE MINE!
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    I'm still not entirely on board with the way this issue is framed. It doesn't seem to be an art vs. craft thing so much as an art vs. business and cynicism thing. But then, the way I define "art" and "craft" is different from what's premised in the original post.
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    I'm not on my cross; I carry it. ;) Saying "it's all about politics" is dismissive at best. And it's unfortunate that this whole issue is framed as being about politics. I don't see it as being about that at all. For me it's about creating a world where my (currently hypothetical) kids can have...
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    1. That's kind of condescending. Disappointing, but sadly not unexpected. To use an extreme example, what you just said is kind of like visiting someone in the hospital and telling their family that "crying won't make them better." Technically true, extremely unhelpful, and kind of a dick move...
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    The problem is that this way of thinking creates a self-perpetuating cycle where white actors get most of the roles because there aren't nearly as many big-name actors of color that will make the suits happy. And the reason there aren't as many big-name actors of color is because they don't get...
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    Are You an Artist, or a Craftsman?

    Hear, hear! I will self-publish before I ever change the ethnicity of my characters.
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    What Happen's after the Hero's or You saved the world now what?

    Aside from the above mentioned apotheosis and fall from grace, there's another possibility. After the hero completes his own journey, he could become a mentor figure. After all now that he's (probably) the most powerful good dude around, he's more or less stepped into the position that his own...
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    The Hazards of Diversity and Cultural Appropriation

    I think the fact that Avatar is so highly regarded, even (or especially) in "social justice" circles, speaks for itself. And I've never heard any of the criticisms you mention. But since Avatar is set in a completely fictional world, it has some wiggle room with regard to culture. And those...