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I'll start out with a disclaimer: you probably won't like me. On the surface, at least to some, I come across as a stereotypical quirky, excitable, awkwardly adorable geek/artist type with all my Disney gear and bright children's clothes. Until you piss me off, know me for a few months, or go in-depth into any topic. Aside from my unabashed arrogance, temper, and disregard for social norms, I have wildly controversial opinions and consider myself an herbalist, rewilder, survivalist, and anti-authoritarian. I come to these beliefs through both personal experience and hours spent analyzing the cycles of the cosmos. If one fails to exercise the full mental and physical capacity they've been granted, I have no problem calling them out, and I equally enjoy poking fun at others for petty things that I really don't mind. I mean no harm, offended humans just amuse me. But if you can get past all that, I'm one of the most loyal, protective, caring friends you could wish for.

Sparring, climbing, herbalism, gardening, cooking, sewing, sculpting, drawing, writing, learning
Midwest US
Artist, scholar, healer, warrior


Science is a foundation, not a roof. I have faith in the fantastic possibilities of our cosmos and write for no audience, only to challenge myself, express thoughts, and pay tribute to life in a way that honors the original artist. Magic is science we don't understand.




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