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    What do you listen to?

    Ramble On the Hobbit - YouTube Zep and The Hobbit, even better.
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    What do you listen to?

    Broadsword - YouTube Tull and Rings, great combo.
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    An opinion on scale, culture and conquest.

    He may have been exiled and had no other choice but to travel across the narrow sea. A warrior perhaps who disgraced himself, maybe he was close to the clan chief, perhaps it had something to do with the clan chiefs daughter? He's been across the narrow sea fighting for a living as a mercenary...
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    Any Other Slushlandians on Mythic Scribbles?

    Buffalo-upstate NY
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    If you could, woould you go to New Zealand?

    Tour from Matamata - Hobbiton Movie Set Tours - Matamata Tours / Activities Waikato There's a rate chart at the bottom, looks like $75 per person for a 2 1/2 hr tour. So it's gone up $15 in the last 2 years since me and the Missus went to have a look.
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    How would they feed themselves?

    I had a similar idea minus the demons, I decided one of the members of the group has true dreams, and he dreams of a cave entrance in the bush (name for forest in New Zealand) the cave opens up into a huge natural depression in the earth where there is more than enough room for gardens and...
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    If you could, woould you go to New Zealand?

    Yep they're still all where they were originally built in a small town called Matamata in the Waikato. I used to live there, the one time I went to go have a look was before they rebuilt the set for the Hobbit and I felt 60 bucks each was a tad over the top to look at a few pieces of...
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    Leaping time?

    Thanks for the useful replies guys. I thought I might try out the separate books within a book idea with the year at the start of each one. I'd just like to say thank you everyone for this site, it is so useful, especially when I read some of your posts I realize I'm not as weird or unrealistic...
  9. Rho

    High quality fantasy books

    The Devery series by Katherine Kerr. The Jon Shannow books by David Gemmell. And The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
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    What is the most gripping novel you've ever read? Fantasy or otherwise?

    Crikey! a couple days to read a weighty book like Magician is pretty impressive. Took a slow poke like myself several months if I recall.
  11. Rho

    If you could, woould you go to New Zealand?

    Yep, tis a nice spot alright. I wouldn't want to live any where else.
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    Leaping time?

    Hi guys. I'm still nutting out the plot of one of my ideas which I suppose might be considered a historical fantasy of sorts. The lead character causes a wee bit of mayhem at the start of the book and the Maori gods curse him to wander the earth to atone for his actions forever, unless he can...
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    What is the most gripping novel you've ever read? Fantasy or otherwise?

    'The long Walk' by Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King) A story he wrote well before he became a house hold name, contains some real thought provoking stuff. Although it's quite brutal and can be a bit disturbing at times, it's well worth a read.
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    How to start the writing part?

    Hehe, this is the bit where Roc says 'Touche'
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    Creative music

    Does anyone have an album or a particular artist tucked away in their music collection that seems to go hand in hand with reading or writing? For me it is Clannad and Ben Howard. I first heard Clannad back in the mid 80s, they did the sound track for my favourite TV programme at the time...