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    Novel writers - do you use editing services prior to submission?

    With details? A line-by-line markup??
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    Operating system of choice?

    Really? You don't agree so you're name-calling? Where are the new people coming from where that sort of thing is acceptable?
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    character building?

    I write profiles, but only after the story is written. I have character sheets for each of the major characters and recurring minor characters. Mostly because I can't remember anything I've decided about them once I've decided. But they are written after the story is written, based on what's...
  4. Shadoe

    Novel writers - do you use editing services prior to submission?

    Yeah, they're called women... Oh! Or ex-husbands. true. I can get a lot of people to say my work is good, but it's pulling teeth to get them to elaborate.
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    General note taking on story idea(s)

    this is the one I use. All the time.
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    General note taking on story idea(s)

    I do this all the time. I like to keep going when I'm trying to complete a thought, and when the thoughts start piling up on me I have to put them somewhere. And yes, "This is crap, rewrite" appears more often than I'd like.
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    Gay/ Lesbian Protagonist/ Antagonist???

    Seriously? The stuff you list kind of sounds like the Nazis. Or rather a Nazi utopia. Sounds like the world we live in now. ;)
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    Starting a Piece

    If you're having problems with the opening, it's probably because nothing is happening at the beginning and even you don't want to read about it. If that's the case, don't bother writing about it. Start the story where the story starts, not before the story starts. Start with the action, fill in...
  9. Shadoe

    Novel writers - do you use editing services prior to submission?

    Now that's the kind of editing I like. :) I like to find acquaintences who don't really like me. I've found that they tend to be harsher critics - which means they'll find more than a friend might, and anything even mildly objectionable will be found.
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    I was at the dentist with my son once. He was in getting tortured while I waited in the waiting room. It was a nice place, with a jungle gym for the kids and a couple of tvs showing Disney movies non-stop. On this occasion, there was a hispanic couple in the waiting room, and the day's movie was...
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    Maps, Names & Langauge concerns

    That's the logic I run with. The only words not in English are those that wouldn't have a direct translation.
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    Your Top 10 Favorite Shows Of All Time?

    If you liked Angel, you'll like Buffy. I was surprised at getting addicted to it, but the twists were great. Watch it. And if you haven't seen Firefly, you'll want to see that too. :)
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    Your Top 10 Favorite Shows Of All Time?

    Buffy had some excellent writing. Firefly did too. Not just the dialog, though that was great.
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    What is it that is up?

    Well, thanks. Now I know what I'm going to be doing on the way home from the plant. Maybe I'll wait until after I've turned in my badge... Anyway, Welcome Neurosis! Oh... I've actually said that phrase before...