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    Guildworld Kinship Terminology

    This is quite detailed. It does make sense to me, reading just this and having not seen the other thread. What I found a bit confusing was the overuse of 'guild' and 'household', especially interchangeably. If you're really keen on that, that's fine, but my hot take is to pick one and stick to...
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    Ask me about linguistics, conlangs, and the social use of language

    Great suggestions. I will make sure to research signed languages. And I will rethink how their body is built, to make sure it's clear that they can both breathe under water, by filtering oxygen from water, and breathe on land through nose slits, etc. I see what you mean, though the common...
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    A single cover

    The title is The Fate of the Lightlined. But 'The Fate of the' works here similarly like 'Harry Potter and the' works for that franchise. Because there will be more parts after this, they will have a different second part but the first one will be same in format. That is why I am separating the...
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    A single cover

    Basically. This font, Essonnes, has some weirdly complex weight names.
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    A single cover

    It was Abadi MT Pro Light. Now I changed all of them. Here's the new version.
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    A single cover

    Lol, no. That's just a part of modern graphic design trends that I love to use. I was worried about this, it's the same font, only it's bold, looks quite weird in the light version. But I will need to amend both the byline and the title, so this will be dealt with. And I am glad to hear that...
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    A single cover

    Here's my cover for the Lighlined novel. It's a product of procrastination. I also have some monoscapes I did with scenes from the book that could be used as covers, but I wanted a more symbolic/poignant moment on there. Now, I do realise this cover can be widely inappropriate for a high...
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    got some covers

    Yes, looks great. I'm still fascinated by that Sun Dog, but just Howled looks good and it still piques interest.
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    How did you discover Mythic Scribes?

    I was reading an article about why you shouldn't approach publishers directly, ending up in the slush pile, and one great piece of advice (among others) was that I should find an online forum aimed at my genre. So, a quick Google search landed me in one. Didn't like it. So I came here instead...
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    What Are You Playing Now?

    I've been playing TemTem a lot recently. It's like Pokemon, but I'm starting to love it more, as it's fresh, original, even though obviously based on Pokemon, and it was about time that someone made a different game of that type.
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    got some covers

    I absolutely love this one. And I think you should keep the title as is, it captures the curiosity more this way. And the whole cover reminds me of a grunge avantgarde artwork. Because that centerpiece with the cat and the title is so important and so good, I would suggest you lose the grey...
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    Weird writing techniques

    I feel called out. So guilty of this. And I started great for this version. I wrote for three months just letting the 15 years of versions, thoughts, dreams, ideas and such pour into the draft. Then I stopped and now I have about 10.000 words to write before the first draft is done, and I'm just...
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    Map making

    Guilty of both. I used these methods because I don't have the patience or time to draw by hand, also it's easier digitally and good if you don't want a professional-looking map, like I don't at the moment. (unless you happen to be a map drawing genius) For me, Photoshop is the best way to draw a...
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    Hello - Came to Cluck Away

    Thank you! And nice one! Clucking off now. :ROFLMAO:
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    Ask me about linguistics, conlangs, and the social use of language

    Thank you! Glad you found it interesting. Yes! This is a great idea. Haven't thought about the common tongue's writing system at all. :LOL: And yet I have imagined and plan on partially developing a sort of sign language/only written language that is used by beings who are half human, half...