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    Communicating lies to the reader, not the character

    There are a few options you could use. Option one- do as others have suggested and establish the fact that this character is a liar. I would start it small and have a good reason for MC to brush off these little lies. The risk you run here is your readers not understanding that it is a lie...
  2. Tigerseye

    Looks like I won't be able to write my martial arts story afterall :(

    I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. It's obvious they don't know the first thing about writing as it's pretty much a given that authors use consultants whenever their own expertise fail them. The world of fiction would be a much blander place if we only stuck to our own limited...
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    Repercussions and side effects for a truth telling superpower?

    I once read a book with a character that had a similar power, the person being questioned was compelled to answer truthfully but felt horribly violated by it. As a consequence the character refused to use his power on anyone he cared about because it would violate their trust and possibly change...
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    Modes of Transport

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, they have given me some things to think about. Unfortunately 'portable' magic doesn't work with my magic system and I may have overemphasized how lack of magic effects these beings. Leaving the area of magical influence strips them of their powers (on which...
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    Modes of Transport

    Hi everyone, there has been something on my mind for a while when world building and that is travel. My world is quite large and I have several destinations that my characters will have to travel to that are very far apart. To make matters a little more complicated, my characters are not human...