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'Bookish Company?' Bookstore? Publisher?
Were a small bookish company called Orderofthebookish... We help indie authors get their books read and reviewed by our ARC team. I am on the ARC team, as well as a blogger for the company. I read and then interview the authors we provide services for. I'll drop a bit about our Orderofthebookish program! You can find us on instagram @orderofthebookish and @Books4movies

This is a program made to connect authors to readers. Authors have the opportunity to expand their audience and reach readers that they normally wouldn’t connect with.

Readers also get to find amazing new and indie authors (which is a nice change from seeing the same 10 bestselling authors over and over again). As a reader, you can even sign up to join the ARC Team! As part of the team, you will get the chance to read and review one of the indie books, for FREE! Your reviews are a big part of what helps the authors grow their audience.