Who’s Killing Fantasy? You Are!

I recently took my daughter to buy some books in a rather large UK book chain and was dismayed to discover that the Fantasy section had all but disappeared. Whereas a decade or more ago it took up an entire wall, it’s now reduced to shelf space maybe eight feet long, if that. What’s worse, … Read more

The Banquo At Your Banquet

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever suffered an indefinable disquiet in the still of the night, ears straining as you pull the covers tight about your shoulders? I have. I’ve heard the whispers. They echo. They reverberate down the years. I didn’t understand their murmurings at first, but in my youth I don’t … Read more

Why Write a Fantasy Novel?

This is a question I’ve thrown around in my mind like a ping-pong ball ever since I was old enough to understand what fantasy actually is (the literary genre, that is – I doubt anyone under the age of twelve needs any lectures on the power of the imagination and the hours of fun that … Read more

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