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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Three, Part 3

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. I walked into the room and it was decorated nicely if a little simply there was a painting in the room along with a book case loaded with more books. These from the looks of it just a mix and match of fiction. There was also a king sized double bed with clean bedding for the summer and other simple but well made furniture for storing clothes as well. My trunk was at the foot of the bed and I stripped out of my Combat uniform. There was a door near the back wall to the side I opened it and it revealed a simple but functional bathroom and toilet area. I washed quickly and drying myself with a large fluffy towel before undressing my knee length silver hair. I cheated and put it in a simple braid with magic then walked to the trunk and looked to see what Hope my Lady’s maid had packed for me. I picked out one of my personal favourites of the evening gowns a light blue one which highlighted my figure and gave me a seductive aura about myself. Along with that but matching risqué under garments that I really want Jace to see also of the same colour as the dress. Putting on the clothing the dress clung to me like a second skin encasing my body in the feeling of silk. I looked in the mirror and examined myself making sure that the lines of the underwear was hidden I then added matching shoes. Happy with myself I walked out to see that Jessica was in a more conservative looking dress but no doubt suited her and highlighted her beauty. Kimberley’s was more in line with my own. The men on the other hand was in casual attire of leggings, boots and a shirt of high quality.

    Ander looked me up and down.

    “Aquaria are you wanting to give the Kid a shock or get him to drag you to bed? Your attire is extremely provocative.” He said but there was no heat to his look. He was merely commenting.

    “If the result is that he takes my hand and drags me to his room locking and warding the door then my plan has succeeded.” I replied in an alluring manner.

    “The sooner we get the pair of you to the capital the better I think.” Christian muttered while we walked to the where we will be eating.

    The dinning room matched the rest of the house. A functional but well made table with matching chairs that looked quite comfortable lining. The table was a six seater. Around the room old maps was framed and hung. Christian walked to the head of the table as did Kimberley but didn’t sit down.

    “By your own admission Aquaria, your sitting next to Jessica.” Christian said in way of teasing.

    I sighed but nodded Jace had yet to join us. It didn’t take long for him to walk into the room. He was dressed in the manner of a normal commoner with a tunic and leggings coupled with boots. The material of the clothing at a higher quality and smarter but the tunic hinted at what was underneath. His eyes flicked to the rest but rested solely and wholly on me. It was like he was drinking in my image. It was a good job that I wasn’t sitting next to him. I am not entirely sure of being able to behave. My stomach gave a flutter of hunger and I didn’t mean food. I was feeling very aroused. I moved to where Jessica was and Jace moved to Ander’s side and we seated together.

    “Usually we sit next to each other, but after the little displays you and Aquaria have been putting on we thought it best to keep you apart.” Kimberley said with a smirk on her face.

    “So I see.” He said but was keeping eye contact with me.

    The food came out dish after dish. The talking was mainly anecdotes featuring me mostly as all of them had things to say about my past exploits. To be honest it was just as bad as if I was sitting with my siblings and parents when I brought my first boyfriend home for the first time. Jace just ate and listened not really commenting but kept shooting me looks with that crooked smile of his. Finally at the last course he spoke.

    “So why the picking on Aquaria then?”

    “Well you see, it’s payback of a kind.” Ander said turning to him grinning like a madman with a little eyebrow wriggle.

    “Payback?” Jace asked looking a little confused.

    “Payback, she tends to cause us trouble with both the Nobles at court and also among the Military. But they dare not go against her with backstabbing politics because she is a Spear. As Spear’s we are both part of the politics of the country but also not. It is our job to advise the crown but not for personal gain. There are some in court that will try to draw you to one faction or another…” Christian then said before turning an eye to me looking disgruntled.

    “... but then again maybe not, Aquaria is very well known for making her point crystal clear that she wants nothing to do with politics. So much so that her reputation with the Nobles will protect you from their machinations.” Jessica then said lightly elbowing my arm.

    Jace chose that moment to wink and grin at me. I smiled back at him in return. I had the feeling he was more amused then anything else. Playful.

    After dinner had ended Jace spoke.

    “Shall we move to the Evening room?”

    We all nodded at that and he led us to a new room. This one definitely suggested comfort and relaxing with sofas and bookcases tastefully arranged. Ander disappeared along with Christian for a few minutes while the rest of us moved to look at what was in the bookcases. More fiction of every type. It was kind of like that the library was purely for magic and combat everywhere else the books suggested an escape from all that. There was also a desk along one of the walls as well as a couple of tables with Rune boards and pieces laid out. The fire place had a fire lit giving the room a comfortable sleepy warmth since the night chill was starting to set in. Ander and Christian returned. In Ander’s hand a sketch book and a thin case for sketching materials in Christian’s a few folders which would no doubt be filled with reports and matters of state. Jace picked up a book and moved to a sofa. I was tempted to join him just to snuggle but Ander sat next to him before I could move. As Ander sat down he gave me a stuck out tongue and a grin as he settled and opened up the sketch book and set to work on his second love of his life which is drawing and painting. Kimberley left the room for a couple of minutes then while I was still trying to decide what to read with most of my mind working out how to drag Jace somewhere so we could be alone. When she returned she was carrying her sowing bag along with my own. I gave up any pretence of picking a book and joined Kimberley on her sofa. Jessica picked out a book with her eyes alight with interest.

    Ander noticed the look as she sat down in a single seater relaxing chair with high arm rests.

    “Find something interesting love?” Ander asked her as she settled.

    “Only a first edition of William Waterwind greatest work.” She said excited.

    “I have never heard of him.” I said frowning.

    “Famous playwright and wordsmith from the Undying Empire era.” Jace said in a factual way. “We have all his works in the first edition dotted around the house.” He added in an off hand way.

    Jessica looked at him with shock.

    “Do you realise just how well kept this is and how much it is worth? And you have all of them in the same condition?” She asked eagerly.

    “Oh yes, my great great great grand father on my father’s side was a massive bibliophile and spent near enough the entire family money on acquiring them over the course of his life. The family has only just got back to the level of wealth before he went book hunting.” He said with a shrug and went back to reading his book.

    I looked to Jessica confused.

    “This one book alone is worth about six hundred plates and all the others are worth the same.” She whispered to me via a spell.

    I gave her a wide eyed look and then looked to Jace and then around the room. I started on my table cloth as Kimberley was working on what appeared to be a handkerchief. I couldn’t concentrate on my task and kept looking up at Jace. He was the same. After some time had past in relative silence. Several times my mind wandered and I had to unpick stitches after I noticed a mistake. Kimberley gave a soft snicker every time I had to do this. I was getting annoyed.

    “I can feel both your annoyance from here Jace and Aquaria.” Christian muttered.

    This brought about a round of chuckling.

    “I will be placing a Viewing Focus and ward on both your doors by the way.” Jessica said looking up from her book.


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