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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 2

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. The King sat there, in Royal purple leathers and armour, his long black hair tied neatly at the nape of the neck, speckled with white. His black beard also speckled with white and grey. He is a man in of middle age, still powerfully built when suggests he keeps up with martial training. A black lacquered long case resting across his knees. Has he stood the case floated to the side of him. King Morio commanded an awe inspiring presence. Queen Akane stood with him. She also had black hair but comes from an eastern country of Sword with which we are in an alliance with. She was dressed in a sheath of a silver silk dress that highlighted her figure. Like me her hair came down to her knees at her waist a golden belt with a golden sheathed sword, the sheath decorated with golden vines and leafs. She was also in her middle age but looked to be still in her late twenties to early thirties. Her build was lathe and suggested of athleticism and martial training. She wasn’t called the Warrior Queen for nothing and I have to admit I was a little jealous of her beauty. But then I am also very vain myself, at least I can admit to it now. King Morio spoke in a tone that commanded attention.

    “We have congregated here because of a tragedy, an attack from a neighbouring country and two of our Strike Aces killed along with the defence force of this border town of Kaze. We honour them for the brave defence they mounted against an attack led by two of the Undying. Both their names will carry on and be remembered throughout time mainly due to the legacy that they left in their wake. Jace, Son of Jason and Angelica. You mounted the last line of defence, protected the population taking shelter within this keep. Then took to the field to do combat against the host and its leaders. Your victory over the leaders and decimation of the remaining enemy forces alone allowed for us to dictate terms to the country of Scythe. Not only did you place us in this strong position you have shown that you have the power to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Undying. Stand.” The king said

    Jace stood. And even when the King and the royal family stood also the words of the King echoed through my mind. The child stood against the Undying in a two on one situation, fought and won. This staggered me mentally even if I already knew the details it was still surprising. When I was fifteen I couldn’t have done that.

    The King had now stood before Jace and opened the case of the last spear. The case hovering between them in a black lacquered long case unadorned opened at the gesture of the king. Inside was my Spears partner. Opaque in colour and fully assembled a crystalline tool of long life and power, but not only that but a life long promise to bear the responsibility to the country. I can still remember when I was offered mine but in the Palace. He took out a small knife made of the same material, the Oath Blade.

    “Jace, do you pledge to uphold the ideals of the Country, do you pledge to defend it to the fullness of your power, and if need be lay your life in her defence? Do you pledge to defend the honour of the Crown for as long as you live, to oversee, to guide and to advise the Crown throughout the generations?” The King asked him, his tone of voice and look serious.

    “I do pledge, and bear the responsibility that the position of Spear entails.” Jace answered back, voice strong and not wavering at all.

    Jace raised his hand palm up over the case waiting for the moment where the King will draw blood and open a cut on his palm. As the King cut into Jace’s palm he showed no sign of pain at all and blood soon welled into his hand.

    “Take a hold of your Spear, and make it your own. The oath you have just taken is two fold, the spear will give you power but will also have power over you with the burden you will bear.” He then said.

    With the bloody hand he picked up the spear from the middle of the shaft and I felt a quickening of magic as the Spear bonded to him and my magic reacted too, it was almost called to it. It was like the winds of a sea storm calling the waves, almost like a sirens call. I noticed my magic increase and swell within me. I quickly placed a small ward on myself with my thoughts. The King and Queen took a step back the opaqueness of the spear began to darken to a stormy grey with hints of blue. Lightning arced along the length of it.

    The King and Queen smiled just as Christian raised his own Spear and shouted.

    “Welcome Jace, Lord of Storms.”

    We all raised our own Spears in salute. The Nobles in the room along with the Guards and Cadets all turned to him and knelt placing there fists over there hearts. The King and Queen turned to sit back down on the thrones. And the Nobles all raised and faced the front again. Jace was concentrating on his left hand, no doubt trying to make the rush of mana from snapping the forth time to stabilise. My mana was settling but there was still the feeling that it was still being controlled by something wild and untamed. I placed my hand over his right one and healed the cut that the King made. After a moment Jace seemed to break his own concentration and take stock of his surroundings and then looked at my hand on his. His mana was under control some what but was coursing throughout his body like a typhoon. I felt a frill from just being able to touch him. I felt my cheeks burn and I flicked my eyes up just enough to see that he was blushing also. Our magic was in the process of combining. It was hard to explain but I wanted to keep the contact. After I healed him I had to remove my hand but really didn’t want to. The chuckling from the other Spears and those closest to us made me remove it in the end.

    “The Cadet’s who took part in the defence under the Storm Lord’s leadership have also proven themselves that we have decided that instead of finishing up their training at the Central College will attend the Royal College instead, under the scholarship of the Crown.” The Crown Prince then said.

    This wasn’t a surprise to us Spears nor it seems to the Cadets but the Nobles gasped and made noises. Really only the children of Nobles and Royalty went to the Royal College.

    “You are all dismissed to head back to your lands, thank you for attending today. The Spear’s are to stay as there a matters to be dealt with.” The King then said.

    The majority of the assembled Nobles saluted to the King and turned to leave including the guards and the Cadets. Only those part of the Privy Council stayed and of course us Spears stayed. The Spears moved so we stood side by side. I could feel Jace’s presence warming the air next to me and also giving it a kind of pulsing feeling. I have been hit and been close to Lightning magic and it was almost like that feeling. I am guessing that he was still battling the mana in him.

    “So the Scythes are down to five. I must offer my congratulations to the Storm Lord for giving us this position.” the Grand Chamberlin said with almost a smile on his face as well a really small head bob.

    “Thank you, but I was expecting to die in the engagement. I wasn’t thinking about the country when I took to the field.” Jace answered seriously and almost in a cocky careless way that his life didn’t have much value. Everyone else was chuckling at that.

    I really didn’t like how he thought so little of his life. I could almost see myself giving him strong words about it when we was alone. The idea of him and me alone made me shiver, I really liked that idea. I knew it was because of the Spears from what the others said when they bonded with theirs but the feelings will magnify when we magically bond and I was very much looking forward to that.

    “I believe you said that you was so overcome with rage and entered into ‘War Mode’ that I am sure you was only thinking about killing the murderer of your parents.” Jessica then chimed in.

    The King raised an eyebrow at that. And I had to stop myself from turning to him and giving him a piece of my mind. I will never let you out of my sight if we are in battle, I told myself.

    “War Mode?” The King asked looking a little confused. Even I was a little confused. They even had a name for it when he was in battle.

    What the hell. That was all that was going through my mind. Christian then took out a scroll and opened it and read out aloud.


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