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Jamal in wonderland

The Cat and the Caterpillar Jamal turned to see the speaker but was greeted by only dark shadows. “Who dat?” he said. “Up here.” came the voice. Slightly above him on a very wide branch was a very strange duo. First, there was a massive caterpillar, almost three feet long, sitting in...
The Rabbit Race and a Very Large Dog “Who’s Alice?” Jamal demanded. The Hare fell over. “No, no--nay, no it can’t, can’t be. Alice… don’t you remember? Me, the hair?” He stood back up. “Oh, of course you do. You're just pretending, Alice, now really. “I don’t know who the heck you are, and I...
Arguing Doors The first thing that Jamal felt after his fall was a dull throbbing coming from his head. He opened his eyes to see a blindingly bright light streaming down on him. “Ho! He moved.” came a voice to his right. “He did not!” came another. “No, no, I see’s it...
enoch driscoll
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Chapter 1 Jamal pulled down the hood on his sweatshirt. “Hey bros, wait up.” he said, jogging ahead to catch up to his friends, Jerome and Mardinon’te. They slowed under a lit up tree a few steps ahead until he caught up. “They still have christmas lights up around here, huh?” jamal said as he...

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