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The Pass

Screaming in agony and frustration I call again to every power that will answer. The power answers, and I can focus again as an act of sheer will. I need more, but I am running out of time. I have to move. Every step a battle, I limp around the corner leaving a trail of blood in the dirt. The...
Two lengths of its body away, the thing pauses, crouching. The tension is palpable as it coils itself to spring forward. Instead of waiting for it to prepare its rush, I slowly retreat two steps, holding in my mind's eye the location of the parasite eye within the shadow of the thing's misshapen...
The river below has dwindled to barely more than a stream winding through the ravine below the trail. At midday, I at last approach the crest of the pass. The builders of the trail had been forced to cut the path into a salient mass of rock that there was no other way around. It is soft...
I wish the travelers well and turn in, carrying the crossbow into the tent with me. I no longer believe the merchants are a threat, but best to be safe. The crossbow isn’t my preferred weapon and I have no expectation that it will help me against whatever creature is out there, but I hope it...
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Short Stories
I can only hope I've hidden in the woods long enough for any guards patrolling the road to give up looking for me. I hike to the road winding toward the pass, then head north again. As the road enters the mountains, the sun slips behind the rugged hills running to the west of the river and road...

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