The world of Koth

  1. Portfolio Description

    I have been working on this world for many years: an alternate world in which some societies have reached levels of technology roughly comparable to the 18th century AD/CE in our own world. The name "Koth" is simply the word for "world" in one of the languages spoken in it. The focal point for my stories so far is a region modeled on the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain regions of North America. Cultural and thematic influences are too numerous to list here, but the setting has been shaped by inspiration with utopian ideas and struggle with the clashes between such ideas and the lessons of history.

    Here I post fiction set in the world: published, completed and in progress.

    About Author

    I write under the pen name Gerrit Stainer. I am a Utah native, descended from Mormon pioneers, Dutch settlers in Sleepy Hollow, Salem Witch Hunt victims and even some Varangians way way back. Writing since adolescence, I also play drums and make walking sticks.