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Chapter 4

Well well well well....
It's that time of week again. and this time I have some fun stuff to add before the chapter link!

In the first age when humanity first took up the mantle of Balance, the world knew peace. Cooperation between human tribes and other mortals was plentiful and Faustenmire's residents functioned as a part of nature. Even as humanity grew more numerous and great civilizations were built of marble and bronze the new balance set forth by the destruction of the First Creation was good. The Archangels, the last remains of divinity were plentiful and helped with the growth of the fledgling Balance. It is sad that we have so few records of these times, the only stories that remain are tales of hope told by the slaves of the Kabbahlan Empire. What wonders of magic and society were built upon the world before it was all shattered? In our present day we will never know.

Hope you enjoyed the little narrative! And now for the chapter link!
Chapter 4

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