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Einstein's Compass, a Novel of What if?

What if young Albert Einstein met celestial beings who led him to make a startling discovery – not just about the universe but also about his very soul? Einstein’s Compass tells the journey of young Albert Einstein, a 16-year-old genius with the wonder of a child and without his family who struggles to find himself and understand the laws of the universe. Spiritually broken, he finds mentors who betray him, employers, who diminish him, friends and lovers whose loyalties are tested. Through a life-changing event, he befriends celestial beings who take him into inner realms of light and keep him on course to make the discovery of his life that changes the world for all time.

Chapter One Arc of the Covenant 1313 BCE Egypt

Concealed by the dark, guided by the light of the new moon, Moses's eyes darted nervously as he stole into the sanctuary of the Temple of Thebes. He needed the small version of the Shamir Stone for the Israelite's' to survive the exodus from Egypt. His heart raced. Jehovah sanctioned Moses by telling him that an invisible bubble of light would hide him as Moses did God's bidding. He took deep breaths to keep calm.

Disguised as an Imperial Guard of the Pharaoh, Moses clung to the shadow moving along its walls from the main Sanctuary crossing the twelve smaller rooms toward the Mother Sanctuary. The smell of sandalwood met his nose as he opened the forbidden door to the Temple. The incense and a single lamp burned to clear the sacred room from the rituals of the day. Carefully closing the door behind him, Moses wiped the sweat from his brow; he paused as his eyes adjusted to the dim light. From across the chamber, he could feel the radiant energy of the precious Shamir stone.

In rows along the walls on either side of him were figures of men with the heads of beasts, each representing an Egyptian deity. Moses ascended the alabaster steps to the altar. The golden headdress and cloak of the Imperial Guard would protect him from the potent radiant danger of the supernatural god stone. Used in the art of healing, the power within it contained all the colors of the spectrum. Only an experienced and loving hierophant of the Temple could touch it. An Atlantean priest had inscribed upon a scroll, the whole of the symbolic esoteric teaching throughout the ages of man as well as the force available to vanquish any enemy of God.

While exiled in the desert, Moses came in service to the Temple of Isis, and he learned the ancient Atlantean teachings, language and hieroglyphics. As he approached the golden Arc, he raised the palms of his hands toward the Arc and began to chant inwardly ancient names of God. With each sacred name, his vibration grew until he was in sync with that of the precious god stone.

On the altar lay a covering with hieroglyphics meant to keep the stone's energy safely contained when transported. Moses, now in harmony with the stone, still chanting, reverently began addressing the golden piece. To his right he noticed a small, round, shiny object. Curious, he picked it up. There were twelve small brilliant gems atop the round device. He could feel pulsing energy in harmony with that of the Shamir stone on the altar. Moses hastily secured the object alongside the golden piece with the threads attached to the covering.

Moses scrambled at his task expecting the neophytes of the Temple would soon be coming to begin their day. Turning from the altar, he tucked his prize into another sack made of hemp and stole his way out of the Temple.

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