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Epilogue | The End, Perhaps

The tale now finished and Darrah’s woe now made known to Corvus, silence took its place as the Raven God mused through his thoughts on the matter. Darrah, all this time, had not looked to Corvus and now took a small measure of peace in the silence. Corvus would make his conclusion known when he chose and not a moment sooner. He stared deeper into the Great Forest, into its shadows and shades and with great futility searched for the brightness he missed with equal greatness.

“You still love her.”

This startled the Crow Lord, the black feathers of his cloak ruffled, but still he did not face the old Forest God. He trembled slightly, knowing that it was a statement and not a question. The Raven God did not speak in half-truths.

“With everything I am,” Came the equally trembling answer, and Darrah sensed a smile from Corvus.

“There are reasons why Forest Gods do not often interact with mortals, for when we do it is often a beautiful tragedy.” There was only silence from Darrah, allowing Corvus to then ask, “Will you ever regret the time you spent with Asha?”


The answer was full of surety, and the Raven God once again squeezed his claimed Son’s shoulder in comfort.

“Her soul shall return to this world as the cycle demands with each turn of its design.”

“But she will not remember,” Darrah whispered in a pained tone, "She will not remember me."

There was silence as Corvus studied Darrah, only interrupted by the rumblings of thunder in the distance.

“And what would you do if she did remember you?”

“Love her as I should have loved her - without fear.”

The Raven God released a chuckle into the air of the storm, patting the Crow Lord’s shoulder before his hand left it entirely. Darrah turned around, only to be met with the sight of pale-white ravens feathers falling to the worn stone ground of the tower. The old voice of Corvus then echoed in his mind.

“Then perhaps she will remember.”
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