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Warhounds Sample

By Twilight Goblin · Jul 13, 2012 · ·
  1. It is a bleak and war-torn wasteland. There is and air of fear and despiration hovering over the freshest battlefield. Animal humanoids littered the ground. Corpses all, frozen in battle positions.

    A lone figure is seen, limping away from the battlefield. It is a dog humanoid, badly wounded, wearing the tattered remains of mideival armor. Embolized on the left side of his breastplate is a golden crecent moon.
    He makes his way through the slew of bodies, tip toeing around his comrades and brutally crushing his enemies ratlike heads. Finally, he reaches a small alcove a ways away from the carnage. He sits down heavily, pulling out a small handheld radio from his belt.

    "This is General Dax of the 2nd Canine Brigade." He growled into the speaker. "I need a cleanup crew sent to Sector 47. Bring a medic." The radio slipped from his paw-like hands and fell with an epthy clatter on the stones beneath. His head drooped onto his chest as his wounds got the better of him. His life seemed to be slipping away from him, while his mind slipped back to the past...

    He was once again a young pup on his grandhound's lap, listening to stories of the past.

    "In the Beginning, our ancestors lived in a faraway place." The old hounds bark was dulled by age, yet still intelligible to young Dax. "They were known as Companions, and there were the Masters. The Masters took care of The Companions and The Companions took care of the Masters."
    "But the Masters had Curiosity for things in The Beyond, where the Moon makes its path. The built the Great Ship, and they trusted it to us, not knowing that our ancestors would never return. Many others came with our ancestors. The Rabbits and The Mice. Their once-great enemy, The Cats, even made peace to be allowed to travel into The Beyond. But one on the Great Ship was unwelcome. The Rats. They tampered with The Great Ship, running within it to crash the ship into this planet."
    "It wasn't easy for the Companions. The strange food made them sick, the strange weather scorched their fur. But on a night of mercy, The Masters sent a wave of bright light to change us. THe Companions found Thought. They found Intelligence. They found that they were very much like The Masters in abilities. They found that the food was no longer poisonous, and their new fur resisted the deadly weather. With their new bodies, they began to create Life."
    "Little did they know that The Masters gave this gift to the Rats as well. The found Greed. They found Jelousy. They wanted the whole planet for themselves. They discovered War."
    So it has been, so it shall be. An endless war with the Rats." Grandhound patted pup Dax on the head.


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  1. Twilight Goblin
    yes please
  2. Taro
    Great start to a good looking story, there were a few spelling mistakes noticable. if you want some help let me know and i will try to help in anyway i can.