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  1. S.T. Ockenner
  2. Trip Williams
    Trip Williams
    Adventures of the Last Aygiff - A young orphan, last of his race, fights for survival alongside his caretaker and four adopted siblings.
  3. Kittie Brandybuck
    Kittie Brandybuck
    Hey its me ~Ele~
  4. Toby Johnson
  5. Toby Johnson
    Toby Johnson
    yo all, join my newsletter
  6. S.T. Ockenner
  7. S.T. Ockenner
    S.T. Ockenner Patrick-Leigh
    How far into the writing of your book are you?
    1. Patrick-Leigh
      I’m actually planning multiple series of books & looking into making comics, visual novels, & audio dramas in my flintlock fantasy setting, so right now I’m mainly in the worldbuildind stage, but I’m getting a lot closer to starting on book series, focusing on Perdita Nightshade. She’s the flagship protagonist for the setting & will have the longest series
      Jun 2, 2021
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    2. S.T. Ockenner
      S.T. Ockenner
      Is she an orc?
      Jun 2, 2021
    3. Patrick-Leigh
      Jun 2, 2021
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  8. Eztlirald Clarinda
    Eztlirald Clarinda taelican
    Welcome to Mythic Scribes!
  9. Eztlirald Clarinda
    Eztlirald Clarinda
    In between reality and Cyrom
  10. Reaver
    Adrift in a haze of the spice melange.
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  11. S.T. Ockenner
    S.T. Ockenner Rosemary Tea
    Thank you for adding to the story!
  12. vmedichalo
    After a year break from my novel, I am back...and hopefully in action.
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  13. S.T. Ockenner
    S.T. Ockenner Featured Author
    I am now your only follower
  14. Kittie Brandybuck
  15. Kittie Brandybuck
  16. Vel
    so bored
  17. Vel
    two days in a row i went to school during testing for lowerclassmen and had to go back home. Why didn't the school notify me about this? >:(
  18. Vel
    first day back 2 school in person.......i would definitely win a best dressed award
  19. Vel
    I cant do online school anymore :( i have to go in person. less writing time for me now.
  20. Maxine Carr
    Maxine Carr Chasejxyz
    Hello Chase, you suggested that I pm you about help with my move. I would love your input but cannot find where to pm you.