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Greater Aph

The world of Greater Aph in all its glory. The land itself created by the sculpting hand of the great flame Allunas who was birthed from the empty void and created his children the spirits to fill it with life.

Greater Aph
Centinuus, Mar 15, 2019
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      Beautiful map! I really want to now what's going on in this world. :)
    • Centinuus
      WiglafWiglaf I appreciate it! I have a decent bit of the lore up both here and on my recently created reddit so there is plenty of context and information to sift through if you have the patience
    • Wiglaf
      I found this, and the 18th age map on Reddit - great work. The history is intriguing, and complex - any stories in the pipeline?
    • Centinuus
      WiglafWiglaf Funny you ask, i have a major culmination of alot of idea's ive had on the backburner all flowing together into something that i think will be potentially my most ambitious event in the history or my fiction in terms of scale, ive just been on a massive inspirational burst the last few days and i think the direction im going to take for the 19th and 20th Ages is going to be a very interesting time indeed
    • Wiglaf
      All sounds good Centinuus. I'll keep an eye out for any new work.
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    Mar 15, 2019
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